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Gerbing Heated Motorbike Clothing

Gerbing Heated Motorbike Clothing

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We are an authorised Gerbing's UK dealership.
Other Brand Alternatives:
We also have good stock of BikeTek and Keis heated motorcycle clothing, all of which come highly recommended with our customer satisfaction guarantee.
Introducing Gerbing's Heated Clothing:
Gerbing offers a variety of heated clothing products for a variety of transport and sporting needs. A motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, boat, automobile, golf cart or even an airplane can be used to power any of their 12v products. Products designed to run off the 12-volt electrical system of your powersports vehicle can be powered by a simple connection to the vehicle’s battery or through a 12-volt accessory outlet. Alternatively, you can use their lightweight rechargeable portable battery packs for off-machine use such as fishing, walking, spectator sports, etc.
Interconnected System 

All of Gerbing's heated motorbike clothing products form a true interconnected system in which every item connects to everything else. You can wear Gerbings Motorcycle Gloves, jacket, pants and insoles with only a single connection to your battery. For example, their gloves and insoles plug into a three-prong connecting harness or directly into their pants or jacket.
Take a look at Gerbing's Interconnected System Diagram.
Heating Technologies
Gerbing's Heated Motorbike Clothing products include a variety of high density heating technologies engineered to create a specific amount of heat. These different technologies are then strategically located to produce a natural and balanced heat output, surrounding the body with warmth. The heating technologies they use vary depending on the product, how it is going to be used, the heat output and the power level requirements. Their years of experience have allowed them to develop and patent the most efficient and durable heating technologies that provide the greatest heat transfer. Gerbing's goal is to provide you with a product that incorporates the most unobtrusive but effective heating technology that will last a lifetime. 
Microwire Technology
Incorporates Gerbing's patented process of using micro-sized stainless steel fibers that are intertwined and encased in a waterproof coating. The Microwire™ is then woven into a heating matrix that is then placed in the garment. This system is the most durable and efficient heating technology ever developed. Microwire™ heating technology is used both in 7v and 12v products. 
Nanowire Technology
Utilizes Gerbing's patented process of using silvered fibers that are then stitched into a non-woven fabric where it is then waterproof sealed. Very customizable heating technology that allows them to engineer very specific heat output to specifically targeted areas. Used in their 7v applications. 
How It Works
Power Distribution Unit
Dual 2 Wiring 
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