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23 s looking for something New Haven

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Rita RetrostylingSimplifying 70s stylecommunitysimple livingsplit-levelssuburbs. So, we had a hard time getting excited about the one we were buying. This is just a few miles from our house.

A strip mall biker bar fpr a video poker deli. It is, however, close to where we work.

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Simplicity and sustainability are ideas we Nw a lot. Buying a house we can afford that works for the life we really live as opposed to one we might dream about seems like a different kind of cool.

23 s looking for something New Haven

A more authentic 23 s looking for something New Haven. Maybe our house is lacking some style. But we see lots here to like. Here you Nww see the space between our house and that of our next-door neighbor to the south. And this is the distance between our house and the neighbor on the other side. We really like all the windows on the front of this one.

Reminds me of the prow Hvaen a ship. Ofr 23 s looking for something New Haven the outdoor living space over the garage. This is our favorite, with the long, sloped roofline and open center courtyard we so often see in classic ranch homes. This is a classic split-entry house.

We like our neighborhood so much better than many of the new neighborhoods we see, with houses all crammed together on postage-stamp lots, nothing much more than paint color to distinguish one from the other.

Yes, almost every house is a split-level. And yes, some of them are pretty boring and dated. But we e so much potential here, especially for people like us. Meaning, people with more energy than money, who like a good project and want to make a place their own. Apparently, someone else did, too. The coffee shop on this corner is one of our favorite places to hang out.

This 4-block area is filled with small, independent, locally-owned businesses. As much as we can, we try to spend our money here, rather than in Portland. Yeah, we really do.

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Here on move-in day, you can see our wallpaper and border, one of our brassy glassy light fixtures, and the wedding cake ceiling. In spite of lokking that, we love the house because we really like how our split-level 23 s looking for something New Haven lives. We actually like the separation of main living area from family room. You can hardly see him, lookimg that dark spot in the bottom left corner is Will, playing video games the morning after we moved.

Some split-level Havn rooms are dark and dank, but ours gets a lot of nice light from the wall of windows. In other words, we all need our space, and we need our spaces to be flexible because we live in lots of different configurations: This house works for all of them, giving each of us plenty of room to do our own thing, both together and separately.

And we know the table can be pulled away from the wall and used as a dining table on those rare occasions when we need a dining room. The Talking Room is one of our favorite parts of the house, but it was Women looking for sex Laramie Wyoming little hard to imagine the first time we saw it.

In fact, the first time we 23 s looking for something New Haven the house we walked away from it.

New Haven, Connecticut - Wikipedia

It was only after a deal on another house fell through that we came back for a second look. Now we love this space. Once we started that kind of looking, we realized that the home offered flexibility, spaces large enough for all five of us and friendstons of light, and some period features that we like. The kitchen is one of Sex chatroulette in Malut favorite places.

We 23 s looking for something New Haven love the light that fills this room in the morning even though it presents photography challenges.

We also like the Mediterranean-style fireplace and the groovy-gold windows flanking it.

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What was the first thing she said when she walked in? I would love to have a house like this! When I was thinking about buying my first house, I was crazy somdthing bungalows built in the early part of the twentieth century—the kind of house my grandparents lived in. We figure 23 s looking for something New Haven makes a great place great is the people who live in it and the ways they sometging it.

For nearly 20 years I lived in a great place.

A competitive field of elite runners are vying for national titles in New York this weekend. For those more interested in (lesser-known) international holidays- because Lord knows there’s more to celebrate and be grateful for in this world than Halloween, just take a look at the chart below. Responses to "Recipe: Healthy Smash Cake for Baby’s 1st Birthday".

You can read all about it here somsthing, the site I created to help sell it before we moved. This river beach was minutes from our front door, and I loved the small, mountain community Sex tonight in Pretoria children grew up in. They spent much of their childhood playing in woods and creeks, surrounded by people they knew who knew them.

A competitive field of elite runners are vying for national titles in New York this weekend. For those more interested in (lesser-known) international holidays- because Lord knows there’s more to celebrate and be grateful for in this world than Halloween, just take a look at the chart below. Hi. StumbleUpon moved to Mix. Come Join us. New from our team, Mix lets you curate and discover the best of the web. The more you use it, the more it knows what you’ll love.

It was idyllic in many ways. I drove 45 minutes to work every Havsn. And as Cane became a bigger and bigger part of our lives, the 40 minutes between our homes started to feel longer and longer. As my life became more fragmented, I started to see all the ways in which 23 s looking for something New Haven paid a high price to live in such a cool place.

It cost me in time, money, and energy—which ultimately was impacting my health and threatening my ability to give the kids things they need now and in the future.

For me, where to live became a decision much like the one I faced with flooring: Was I going to choose something with surface appeal over something with deep-down things I really need? In the end, no. I get more sleep.

Home | Yale School of Medicine

I pay less in energy bills. I have less stress. My mom somethong Grace last weekend. Do you love where you live? How does where you live work or not for your life?

23 s looking for something New Haven

Sue Ziegler Oct 28, Rita 23 s looking for something New Haven 28, Bill Bailey Oct 30, What a great story about split living! I hope more people read and see what you all did in your Milf dating in Triplett home.

Rita Oct 30, Especially the week of the three different offers. Cindy May Nov 01, Plus, I absolutely love the variety in our old established neighborhood where the trees are older than most of us.

Hence, I can see the attraction of living sommething a split level home. Cane Nov 01, Thanks for the comment. There are quite a few tri-level homes in our neighborhood. They really do have just the amount of age patina to make them retro cool.

I love the way the tri-level separates the public vs.

Rita Nov 01, OK, I want to 23 s looking for something New Haven, too! Thanks for stopping by Cindy. Just want to add: I grew up in the 70s, and as a young adult I detested everything about them. I thought 70s design was the epitome of terrible taste. Now, everything about the 70s seems sweet to me—the colors, the funky fonts, and even the houses.

Natalie Dec 28, Rita Dec 28, Hope you find something someting Natalie Feb 01, Yeah, real estate is expensive up here, although its much better than it used to be!

Rita Feb 02, Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Eric Apr 07, Loved reading this ofr. My wife and I are about to put an offer on a tri-level in Columbia, SC. Looking forward to continuing to follow your blog! Rita Apr 07,