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Dauphin woman fucked

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Dauphin woman fucked I Searching Sex Tonight

Gang-raped by Dolphins Written by Victoriaongenre zoophilia My name is Annabelle and vucked years-old, and it's a few days before my 19th birthday. I'm a freshman in college and the year is turning out good so far.

A 2-week spring break has begun, and after all those exams and study sessions, I just wanna sit back and relax. I'm planning on taking my speedboat out into the deep ocean. It is a beautiful Monday morning and the weather was perfect.

I took Dauphin woman fucked shower and put on my favorite yellow Dauphin woman fucked with black flats.

I get in my car and head to the local marina where my speedboat is located. I walk along the dock and my boat is all fueled up and ready to be driven. My long dirty blonde Dauphin woman fucked blows freely in the fresh spring breeze.

The waves are pretty strong today and the boat bounces up and down. A few hours later, I decide to head back to the marina because it's getting late and the ocean is a dangerous place at night although it's only 3: Suddenly, the boat breaks down and is out of fuel. I then saw a Dauphln dorsal fin running through the water. Startled, I sat still, not taking my eyes off the fin, assuming it was a shark.

The creature then surfaces to breathe from it's blowhole; it's just a dolphin. I sighed out of relief when I realized it wasn't a shark and he slowly swam to the side of the boat lifting his bead out of the water.

Dauphin woman fucked got out of the seat and slowly Dauphin woman fucked my Dauphin woman fucked out to Horny sluts in Parkersburg him.

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He seemed okay with it and I caressed his smooth skin. I saw 2 more fins in the water, circling Dauphin woman fucked the Dwuphin. Suddenly, the dolphin I was touching grabbed my arm with his mouth and dragged me into the deep water. He had cut my arm with his sharp teeth. The dolphin released as the 2nd one tore off my dress Dauphin woman fucked his teeth, and I threw my arms up to cover my face.

The 1st dolphin swam under me and forced his rostrum between my legs. I shivered Dauphin woman fucked his touch, and he started to probe my vagina with his long, muscular tongue. I tried to close my legs, but one nip and I knew not to mess with him. The other 2 dolphins were circling around me, rubbing their 14 inch penises along my body, tickling me with them.

The sizes of them Dauphin woman fucked me.

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Tapered at the end, pink and knife shaped. I began to cry.

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I tried to swim away as fast I could, but the dolphins were a Dauphin woman fucked more faster than me. The 1st one grabbed my foot with his teeth and dragged me deep underwater.

There was no point in me struggling as they were a hell of a lot more stronger than me as well. The 2 other dolphins took their Horny teens Astvatsinkal penises and wrapped them around Dauphin woman fucked each of my wrists, tying me up and trapping me. Something warm and rubbery touched my crotch.

I looked back between my legs and the dolphin in behind me extracted his penis out his slit and teased my sex lips with the thin tip. He began to hump against me, his huge weight pinning against me. His pectoral fins held on tight Dsuphin my tiny waist and suddenly, he slipped inside me and simutaneously began fucking me, thrusting his powerful tail flukes in the water. It was so big, I could feel it stretch out my tight cunt and Dauphin woman fucked go into my womb.

I began to cry, sobbing hysterically, and my body begans to respond. Fuckef toes curling in the water, my vaginal muscles clamping and tightening Dauphin woman fucked him. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut. The dolphin fucks me harder. Suddenly, like a fire hose, he exploded inside me, with a shrill whistle.

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Dauphin woman fucked I lower my head moaning as I cum again. I can Dauphin woman fucked his cock twitch, sending more spurts of cum deep inside me. The other 2 dolphins are still wrapping me up with their penises. The dolphin inside fuckedd slips out and warm dolphin sperm washes away into the water.

I can feel the cum so warm, sloshing around inside me. The 2nd dolphin lets go of my arm and Dayphin it's his turn.

Gang-raped by Dolphins | zoophilia story from Victoria | An Erotic Story

The 1st dolphin holds my hand with his teeth, biting down on it. The 2nd dolphin mounts me from behind and grabs my hair with his mouth. He slips inside me easily, pounding away.

With each thrust, more cum leaks out and washes away into the water. I'm crying, it hurts so bad, yet it feels so wonderful.

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The 3rd dolphin becomes impatient and lets go of my arm. He swims under my belly and arches his body up, thrusting his cock inside aoman vagina, sharing me with his friend.

They don't know better Dauphin woman fucked 1st dolphin lets go of my arm and suddenly shoves his massive cock deep in my mouth.

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The dolphin under me holds on tightly to my waist with his flippers. With squeals and whistles, they both explodes Dauphin woman fucked spurts inside me, filling me up to the max.

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The 1st dolphin continues fucking my face and without warning, he too explodes. With intense force, it goes up my nose and I gag.

He pulls out and cums all over my face and hair. All 3 dolphins finally let me go, and push me to the shore. Then Daupyin swim away together. I lie on the Wanna give a massage for while, trying to fathom what just happened. Dauphin woman fucked both fascinating and disturbing for me. I found my dress washed up on the shore, ripped apart. I put it on. Dolphin cum leaks down my leg. I look and smell horrible.

I walk without uphill further cares. I call up a taxi on the payphone because fuckwd car is all the way at the marina and I had Dauphin woman fucked my speedboat.

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