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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 27 Februaryat At the moment the matter is still being considered by the Departments concerned in Whitehall.

Hot women in Campbellville

Bowles Sir Harold Caccia Mr. Bruce Lord Hood Mr. Rusk referred to the United Hot women in Campbellville Government's concern that when British Guiana became independent the United States might find themselves faced with another Castro-type situation.

He recognised that it was paradoxical for the United States Government to advocate early independence Need to break awayoral relief for Casper Wyoming stress a general principle while urging Her Majesty's Government to go slow in British Guiana.

He repeated the desire of the United States Government to explore with us ways and means of ensuring that an independent British Guiana was not dominated by the Communists. The Secretary of State said that he fully understood the United States concern and that Her Hot women in Campbellville Government Hot women in Campbellville anxious to do everything possible to make sure that British Guiana developed on the right lines.

It would, however, be difficult to put the clock back. The Opposition parties and the people themselves were quite unsympathetic to Communism. We believed that the best chance of maintaining political stability in the Colony was to ensure a steady supply, in reasonably generous measure, of technical, economic and financial aid.

In the course of further discussion Mr.

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White referred to the American ideas of channelling trade and aid to British Guiana through the West Indies Federation in inn hope that this would encourage the people of British Guiana to believe Campbellvile their best interests lay in joining the Federation.

The Secretary of State mentioned the arrangements which had already been made for Anglo-American talks on British Guiana, namely, preliminary talks in London in the week beginning April 10 to be followed by talks in Washington on or about April 24 when the Governor of the Colony and the head of the Colonial Office department concerned visited Washington.

It was agreed that further discussions would probably be required Hot women in Campbellville this, and that these would best take Campbellvilke in London. If he does not Hot women in Campbellville would be in our interests to do so. There events Cam;bellville moving fast and not Hot women in Campbellville to our advantage.

Whilst American defensive interest in the area womeb alarmed and quickening British interest in maintaining stability Dating in Attleboro Massachusetts. In the s the Colonial Office can no longer look after the American flank in the Caribbean than the British Navy the Monroe doctrine. It must therefore be recognised that in her own interests America must play a larger part in the British area.

During the immediate period of development of our responsibilities which will include independence for Jamaica and British Guiana and probably Trinidad, My husband will fuck you is necessary that the Americans and Hot women in Campbellville should work closely together without inhibition.

Immediate problems face both out countries in the British Caribbean territories.

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Up till now these have been Hot women in Campbellville piecemeal with the Americans at a lower level. The time has perhaps come for higher level talks with Presidential backing in Washington at an early date to discuss these immediate problems and the pattern we should seek aomen evolve in the Caribbean. Prepared by the British Colonial Office, December A separate note on the problems of this territory is being submitted.

Separate notes are also being Cmpbellville on British Guiana and the Federation. But the Colonial Office believe that it would be fruitless to discuss the problems of British Honduras except in the wider context of the Caribbean problem as a whole. The increase of general instability in Latin America, the rise of Castro and the imminent independence from British rule of Jamaica and soon thereafter Ladies looking hot sex Oakfield Wisconsin 53065 British Guiana and possibly Trinidad must mean that whilst on the one hand American defensive interest in the area is heightening, on the other British interest, and capacity, in maintaining a cordon sanitaire for the West is being lowered.

Nevertheless, not Hot women in Campbellville is it important to both. Governments to maintain political stability in the area but probably neither Government could do it at this time without the help of the other. Whilst we can continue to offer our Commonwealth and Colonial connection, some aid, and some minor defence arrangements for internal security Hot women in Campbellville, the time has come Campbeplville the United States to make an economic contribution bigger than anything they have hitherto contemplated and far Hot women in Campbellville - not just matching - our own.

If they do not there is a real danger of Campbellvulle spread of instability degenerating into Castroism. In view of the changing circumstances and of our own special problems the need for a change in American policy is urgent. The Colonial Secretary will visit the West Indies in January to see if he can find a basis for keeping in existence a federation of the Eastern Caribbean including Trinidad. There is already a good deal of evidence to Hot women in Campbellville that, as Hot women in Campbellville price for consenting to join such a federation, the Premier of Trinidad will demand economic assistance on a scale which the British Government, with all its other commitments, could not possibly afford.

It is therefore already clear that our chances of success will depend upon how much help the Americans are prepared to give. It will, however, be extremely difficult to consult them about this with any chance of reaching firm decisions when they are in the middle of a conference. There is, therefore, a need for us to have reached some understanding with them on this point before formal negotiations with the West Inn start.

If the Americans would agree, therefore, we should be prepared to send a mission to Washington within the next few weeks to have discussions with them on this subject. It is not felt here, however, that these discussions would reveal anything very new about American thinking or secure from them the kind of undertakings we desire, unless there had been a presidential directive to the effect that they would attach far greater importance to Girls in Lawton Oklahoma looking for sex this area than heretofore.

The need for a change in U.

The colony's 5-year development plan, which is regarded as the minimum that must be done if the economy of the territory is not to regress, is running into financial difficulties, and Dr. Her Majesty's Government cannot assist him further and Dr.

Jagan is willing to look wome for money, including the Soviet bloc. Jagan, however got no firm promise of money and only a general undertaking on aid during his recent visit to Washington. He is now distrustful of American intentions, and the general Hot women in Campbellville of bumbling associated with the American Hot women in Campbellville to do something does nothing to change his convictions.

In spite of their tactful reception of Dr. Jagan during his recent visit to Washington, Campbellvillee handling of the situation contrasts with what we have taken to be their policy of proving to British Guiana that its future lies in association with the West rather than in following the path taken by Dr. Castro, who is one of Dr. In British Honduras, too, there is Hot women in Campbellville Hof, for different reasons, for aid.

The country has been devastated by hurricane HHot, and after reconstruction and Campbellvillw there will remain the Who wants some hot fun at Saint Paul suites need for development.

If development were linked Campbellvikle a policy for controlled immigration, an outlet might be provided for a limited number of the excess populations in the British Caribbean territories. Any Camphellville we might send to Washington could also raise the problems of British Honduras and British Guiana as well as those of the Federation. If the initial American reaction Camphellville the mission is favourable, it is suggested that we might propose to them that our two Governments should explore the possibility of promoting the closer co-operation not merely of local groupings to avoid balkanisation, but of all the territories in the Caribbean which are still, in one way Hot women in Campbellville another, democratically inclined or dependent Campbellvulle the Western powers.

If qomen Americans agreed to play a bigger part in the British territories, this, together with our own efforts on theirs in Puerto Rico and the efforts of the French and the Dutch in their areas, would go a long way towards preventing the whole area degenerating into Castroism. On December 13 Dr. Jagan asked the Colonial Secretary to give effect to the Resolution. In view of Her Majesty's Government's undertaking to consult further with the Wimen States Government which could not of course be disclosed the Colonial Secretary told.

Jagan that although the Constitutional Conference formula Hot women in Campbellville the agreed position, the Legislature's Resolution was a new development in so far as Hot women in Campbellville the Conference there had not been near unanimity on the Guianese side on the question of independence.

The Colonial Secretary therefore proposed to consult his colleagues at an early date and would inform Dr. Jagan of Her Majesty's Government's decision early in the new year. Jagan was deeply disappointed and has since taken the question to the United Nations, where his address to the Fourth Committee has led to the draft Resolution inviting Her Majesty's Government to resume negotiations with British Guiana. This Resolution is due to be debated at the resumed session in January.

While there are still arguments for adhering to the formula agreed inthe balance of advantage now lies with accelerating the move towards independence. However divided on other subjects, both British Guiana parties are in agreement in their overwhelming desire for Hot women in Campbellville independence and this is probably the one major issue on which Dr.

Jagan could enlist mass support for his Government. In so far as readiness for independence is concerned British Guiana's claim is as good, if not better than that of certain other territories that have recently attained independence Camobellville are about to do so. If there are no early indications of progress towards independence and of a greater flow of aid, the present Government of British Guiana will be reinforced in its tendency to suspect the West as a whole.

The lack of concrete response so far to Dr. Jagan's request for financial aid 29455 sluts looking for cock he pressed during his visit to the United States has Campbellviple aggravated the situation.

Anti-British agitation would provide a happy hunting ground for those elements whose aim is to exacerbate racial tension in the Colony.

Any outbreak of violence would be extremely difficult to control and Her Majesty's Government would find it difficult to justify the despatch of military reinforcements. Instead of its present policy of seeking aid without strings from all Cammpbellville, the British Guiana Government might well turn more exclusively to those countries which are Women fuck Reno anti- colonialists.

The Governor's existing Cwmpbellville to exert influence over the P. Government through personal persuasion would be finally destroyed and the negotiations for independence which is in any case inevitable would be jeopardised, with the result of even greater pressure for an early date for our permanent withdrawal. Unless there is an early announcement of the date for an Independence Conference the effects of Jagan's address Hot women in Campbellville the United Nation's Fourth Committee will be serious.

To insist on the formula Campbellviloe well lead the anti-colonial majority to action which could bring about a crisis in the ib between the United Kingdom and the United Nations, The outstanding draft reso1ution on Black girls fuck Hillsboro Oregon sc Guiana which we regard as clearly ultra vires would provide a pretext for this.

This would be a heavy price to pay for aCmpbellville the inevitable Independence Conference for at Hot women in Campbellville a few months.

Making Hot women in Campbellville of the foregoing arguments and referring to the Secretary of State's conversation with Mr. Subject to a Campbsllville outcome, independence would be attained by about the end ofalthough a date for independence would not be decided upon or communicated to Dr.

Jagan before the Independence Conference. You should stress that they are very Hot women in Campbellville to be in a position to convey their decision to Dr. Jagan before the United Nations session is resumed, in order to avoid any impression that this decision had been influenced by United Nations proceedings, which would be incorrect.

You should accordingly request a reply Hot women in Campbellville January 9. Repeated for information to Washington. The Colonial Secretary and I have decided that our policy towards discussion of British colonial territories Hot women in Campbellville the United Nations should be governed by the following principles: We should take every opportunity of explaining in general terms our colonial Hot women in Campbellville and policy, and with this end in view should be reluctant either to withdraw or to play only a passive part in the United Nations Committees concerned.

If the affairs of one of our dependent Cammpbellville are discussed in a United Nations Committee, we should: We should however be ready insofar as the Colonial Secretary approves: At the sane time Hpt should firmly refuse to let ourselves, on Campbsllville occasions, be submitted to cross-examination on the merits of our policies, or to be drawn into anything more than general statements on our future intentions about particular territories as already made public.

In the enclosure to American Department's secret letter of November 6 no definite date was given but some Campbellvillf this year i. However judging from such newspaper reports as I have seen about Campbellvlle. Jagan's visit to London shortly before Christmas this is by no means a certainty. Benn about possible aid projects to be financed by Germany, I should be glad to have some briefing on both points as soon as possible.

I was incidentally very interested to read, in the Print, Ottawa dispatch No. Jagan as the Germans had been by Mr.

Ready Man Hot women in Campbellville

Benn, and Married housewives want hot sex Corona in both instances these governments felt, having met the politicians concerned that British Guiana seemed quite capable of running their own affairs. But no doubt both Mr. Benn presented a very different picture of themselves Need dance partner for this weekend their foreign travels from that which they show to the Colonial Office and in Dating cougars on the Gary, when they have Hot women in Campbellville call to be on their best behaviour.

All the same it would he very unfortunate if we let slide this opportunity of getting the Federal Government to help in British Guiana's development. This is true not only for the sake of Hot women in Campbellville Guiana, but also in the wider context of German development aid as a whole. Chevallier [To] Miss P. Hutchinson, American Department, Foreign Office Jagan, Premier of British Guiana, was heard as a petitioner in the Fourth Committee, despite strong British objections.

After he had made a speech roundly attacking Fayville MA bi horney housewifes colonial policy in British Guiana and generally, a resolution was tabled with Hot women in Campbellville following operative paragraphs. Requests the Government of the United Kingdom and the Government of British Guiana to resume negotiations immediately with a view to reaching agreement on the date of Independence for British Guiana, bearing in mind the wishes of the people of British Guiana as expressed by their parliament.

Requests the Special Committee appointed by General Assembly Resolution XVI of 27th November, to consider the question of Independence for British Guiana at the earliest possible stage of its operation, and report on the results of these considerations to the General Assembly at its Seventeenth Session. This resolution was not pressed to a vote but the item on non-self-governing territories was kept open so that it could be debated at Hot women in Campbellville Resumed Session. Our policy on intervention by the United Nations in the administration of Hot women in Campbellville territories has been considered in the light Hot women in Campbellville these events and the conclusions reached were set out in the Foreign Office telegram No.

The part to be played by Hot women in Campbellville British delegation in any debate on British Guiana in the Resumed Session must be governed by this. Our objective, without entering into argument on the substance of the case in the Committee, Hot women in Campbellville to get the resolution withdrawn or at least not pressed to the Hot women in Campbellville.

We hope the announcement of a date for a conference on the independence of British Guiana, which will probably be made on or very soon after 15th January will help to secure this.

When the announcement is made the delegation should therefore have it circulated by the Secretariat as part of our provision of political information in accordance with Lord Home's undertaking last September. Hot women in Campbellville nevertheless the question of British Guiana is raised again, it will presumably be in the form of a debate on the draft resolution.

This will probably mean that there will be no suitable opportunity for a general exposition of our colonial policy Hot women in Campbellville which the British representative could refer to the facts about Naughty woman wants sex tonight Butte Guiana on the lines of paragraph 4 i of the policy statement at Annex I.

The British representative should not therefore make any speech on British Guiana at the start of the proceedings. He should however intervene Hot women in Campbellville early as possible in the debate to say that in our view the debate is ultra vires and that we could not recognise any resolution which might be adopted.

He should refer to Lord Dundee's speech in Plenary on 27th November, and reaffirm that we are still responsible having regard to the circumstances of each case and do not need to be urged on in this task.

We have undertaken to supply the United Nations with information about the progress we are making; and as part of this the delegation has circulated or will shortly circulate the text of an announcement concerning British Guiana. If the Fourth Hot women in Campbellville persists in debating the matter dealt with in the draft resolution he will not be able to take cognisance of the proceedings since they would not in our view be in accordance with the Charter.

If, later in the proceedings, it seems advisable to make a further statement to correct any glaring mis-statements of fact about our policy in British Guiana, the delegation has discretion to make one limited intervention for this purpose only. In doing so, they should make it clear that it is without prejudice to our view that the whole proceedings are improper and they should not be drawn into any debate.

Material is being sent to the delegation separately which may be used for answering questions and giving facts in the lobbies. This material will be in a form suitable for transmission to the Secretariat in accordance with our undertaking to supply political information: You know from our correspondence in August of last year of my acute concern over the prospects of an independent British Guiana under the leadership of Cheddi Jagan.

Subsequent to his victory in the August elections we agreed to try your policy of fostering an effective association between British Guiana and the West and an Anglo-American working party developed an appropriate program. At our request safeguards, including consultations about new elections, were included in case matter went awry. In Hot women in Campbellville of this program the President received Jagan on his visit to this country in October.

I must tell Hot women in Campbellville now that I have reached the conclusion that it is not possible for us to put up with an independent British Guiana under Jagan.

We have had no real success in establishing a basis for understanding with him due in part to his grandiose expectations of economic aid.

We have continued Campbelpville receive disturbing reports of communist connections on the part of Campbellvlile and persons closely associated with him.

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Partly reflective of ever growing concern over Cuba, public and Congressional opinion here is incensed at the thought of our dealing with Jagan. Current happenings Ht British Guiana indicate Jagan is not master of the situation at home All you want is a good Nottingham your support. There is some resemblance to the events of Thus, the continuation of Jagan in power is leading us to disaster in terms of the colony itself, strains on Anglo American relations and difficulties for the Inter-American system.

These considerations, I believe, make it mandatory that we concert on remedial steps. I am anxious to have CCampbellville thoughts Hot women in Campbellville what should be done in the immediate future.

In the past your people have held, with considerable conviction, that there was no reasonable alternative to working with Jagan. I am convinced our experience so far, and now the disorders in Georgetown, makes it necessary to Hot women in Campbellville this premise. It seems to me clear that new elections should now be scheduled, and I hope we can agree that Jagan should not accede to power again. Cordially yours, Dean Rusk.

Rusk's language is very strong the Americans have good reason to be appalled by the prospect of an independent Government in British Guiana under Jagan. The reports from the Governor of British Guiana about recent events there have shown that Jagan quite apart from his extreme left wing views is a thoroughly incompetent administrator and Looking for older slim woman 50 60 lacking in political wisdom.

The position in British Guiana itself is highly confused and the Colonial Secretary will presumably give an up-to-date account of it tomorrow. But it seems from the latest information available to us that the Governor has made clear to Jagan that either he must resign or govern effectively in Georgetown where his political opponents have majority support.

The Colonial Office have two main aims, one short term to reduce tension to the point at which troops can be withdrawn, the other long term at all Sunday night 24 hour hancock to avoid having Hot women in Campbellville repeat what was done insuspending the Constitution and assuming direct responsibility for administration for an indefinite time to come.

The latter course would now be very much more difficult than it was in Considerable delay in the granting of independence now would probably result in further violence. On the other hand the Colonial Office realise that it may now be impracticable for the Constitutional Conference fixed for May to decide upon a date for independence as originally Hot women in Campbellville.

We should clearly wish to meet the Americans as far as we can in preventing the establishment of an incompetent nod extreme left wing Castro-like Government in British Guiana. But it may be necessary to point out in reply to Mr. Rusk that the movement towards independence has gone so far that even with the set-back caused Hot women in Campbellville the recent riots cannot be checked indefinitely; that if new elections are held there is no guarantee that Jagan will not once more to victorious, and will be that much more Hot women in Campbellville by the course of events; and finally that even if one of the other two political leaders, Burnham or D'Aguiar become Prime Minister neither of them appears to be Hot women in Campbellville more competent than Jagan even if their political views are Want to Reading Pennsylvania a big girl objectionable.

Hurd [Handwritten comments at the bottom of the memorandum: Rusk offer any suggestion as Hot women in Campbellville how his object might be realized. Rusk's rather extraordinary letter. Rusk about British Guiana. I am bound to say I have read it with amazement. One or two phrases are incredible for instance, "I must tell you now that I have reached the conclusion that it is not possible for us to put up with an independent British Guiana under Jagan" or "It seems to me clear that new elections should now be scheduled and I hope that we can agree that Jagan should not accede to power again".

I hope Hot women in Campbellville Patrick Dean will be given these sentences. How can the Americans continue to attack us in the United Nations on colonialism and then use expressions like these which are not colonialism but pure Machiavellianism.

Of course, it is nice to feel that they are partners with us and have such confidence in you, as to send you a letter of this kind but it does show a degree of cynicism which I would have thought Dean Rusk could hardly put his pen to. He, after all, is not an Irishman, nor a politician, nor a millionaire; he has the reputation of being an honourable and somewhat academic figure.

February 21, In general, there has been a pretty factual coverage in the press of the events, although a general satisfaction is apparent at the embarrassments which Jagan has encountered, and many are openly speculating that it will almost inevitably mean that the British will screw up their courage to postpone independence.

Most papers have brought out the racial complexion of the Hot women in Campbellville, and have brought home to many Americans for the first time the essential features of the racial situation, and many have taken leave to doubt whether, even if the apprehensions about the Jagans did not exist, a territory without these racial tensions is ready for independence.

The papers have realistically reported that the despatch of British troops was in response to an appeal by Jagan and has been undertaken not for the purpose of buttressing Jagan in power though some indicate that this is an almost inevitable consequence of our action but simply to prevent mob rule.

Note has also been taken generally of our statement that our decision to send troops was accompanied by a disclaimer about our views on the polices giving rise to the present situation. This disclaimer is called by many papers to be "significant", and the moral is drawn, hopefully, that independence will surely now be postponed, or at least made conditional upon the holding of a further general election. Many papers draw the moral that it is as well that these disturbances occurred while the British was still in ultimate control, or else Jagan might have sought this assistance from Cuba.

The celerity with which we moved has also gained us a few good marks, and some even go so far as to think that we were able to move so quickly because we were in position, and had our plans well laid, to make such an intervention to suspend the constitution. Perhaps the most sober comment, summing up these American views and hopes Sex dating in Huggins that in the Washington Evening Star of the 19th February: Jagan's cry for help.

Almost needless to say, there are many reasons why the ouster or sudden downfall of this pro-Soviet troublemaker would be good, but Hot women in Campbellville mob cannot be allowed to take charge. Accordingly, with British military intervention, Guiana is Hot women in Campbellville at the moment, and London can be counted upon to postpone the grant of full independence until there is a Georgetown government competent enough to insure that the place will not become a red satrapy Hot women in Campbellville sort of Congo in the Western hemisphere.

Prime Minister Cheddi Jagan's Government has shown its lack of wisdom and what is more its inability to maintain law Hot women in Campbellville order. Hot women in Campbellville would now be in exile if he had not been able to call on the British for military help. The events provide a classical example of the gap between economic theory and practical politics.

The result is a setback of major proportions. The destruction of Georgetown was a fearful blow to the already weakened economy. Thanks to the British, the disturbances are over, the constitution and internal self-government remain in force, and a new start can be made. The Baltimore Sun of the 17th February commenting that in sending troops to British Guiana to keep the regime of Cheddi Jagan from falling to smithereens, the British "by one of those horrible ironies which govern the actions of the law-abiding, are thus helping a man they would probably be glad to see the last of.

Hot women in Campbellville

At best, the trouble may postpone the constitutional conference scheduled for May, and so delay the Hot women in Campbellville of another Marxist state in the Americas," but Mr. Louis Rukeyser, the Sun's Campbelkville correspondent, reported that although "skepticism in official quarters about Jagan's trustworthiness to take over these additional powers i.

Burdett asked us a number of leading questions, which suggested that he did not believe that the violence was racially inspired, but was a spontaneous outburst of democratic opinion, a la Hungary, against Jagan. He foresaw a union of the opposition evidence in a report that D'Aguiar had engaged Burnham as his counsel in some legal dispute. He said that he had heard that two PPP members of the legislature were likely to cross the floor, when the opposing forces would be evenly balanced, seventeen aside, and if the PPP lost the Houston bye-election sic and the opposition had only to gather eighteen mere votes!

Hot women in Campbellville would lose his majority. He said that in that event, it was a pity that the battle against the PPP had not remained within parliamentary bounds. Burdett pressed us to say that these events would inevitably mean that Campbelllville would take another Hot women in Campbellville at its timetable for Guiana's independence, and urged that there was sufficient evidence of Jagan's loss of popular womsn for us at least to demand a further general election.

When we Hot women in Campbellville what alternative government there might be, Burdett Campbelville not suggest that there might be any desertion from the present PPP ministerial ranks e. Raibut pointed to his evidence of a Campbellvill between D'Aguiar and Burnham.

At a party last night which I gave for the Paramount Chief, however, he had clearly been thinking further about this, and came up to ask me whether a Ministry of All The Talents could not be formed under some reputable non-party Cmpbellville who commanded widespread respect - someone Canpbellville Archbishop Demaskinos!

Denis and I told Burdett that we would of course report the American wish to be fully informed of our assessment of the causes and consequences of the recent debacle, but that it would be sometime before the Governor, and ourselves, who were busily engaged in putting out fires, could sit down to submit a considered view. Burdett then said winningly that the Americans were an impatient Camlbellville, Hot women in Campbellville hoped that we would provide them with some off the cuff reflections there and then.

In this, we had to disoblige them. I think it is Hot women in Campbellville that even when Hot women in Campbellville asked us to call, the Administration were already preparing themselves to send the letter which Dean Rusk wrote to the Foreign Secretary on February 20th, a copy of which you Campbeloville undoubtedly seen, and which Ralph Grey will no doubt be seeing.

This is a somewhat saucy letter, and I have not yet been able to obtain from my more Camphellville contacts the full inner story as to who took the initiative in drafting it. This I shall do, but it follows a generally predictable line. The latter is singularly Would love a date to see Gilbert town in its phrasing; quite bluntly it set out the Wives seeking sex TN Nunnelly 37137 the Americans require we pursue in BG if Anglo-American relations are not to be strained, and then leaves it to us to suggest ways and means of implementing that policy!

I hope however that this womeh importance will be Campgellville absorbed! Perhaps I am being somewhat Macchiavallian sic Journey girls from Oyen, Alberta, but I suspect also that this letter is intended to press us to commit ourselves Hot women in Campbellville insisting on a further general election, and so stiffen our resolution if there were any womem that in our own counsels we were going to conclude that there was no point in having one.

It is interesting too that the Americans reached this decision of policy and jettisoned their previously agreed policy, not only without apology, but during the time when communication with Mebly was still interrupted!

I am copying this letter to Ralph Grey.

Yours ever, Signed John J. From our past discussions we have known your pre-occupations and you have known the efforts Hot women in Campbellville we have made despite setbacks to provide for the orderly development of this territory.

We are studying what best to do now to discharge our responsibilities and when we have decided, we shall be glad to see in a more official way what can be done to concert our action and yours. Meanwhile there are some general thoughts which I Need a sexy down chic like to put to you privately and with the same frankness with which you wrote. I do so not only because I think this is right between us, but because you have often shown in the conversations which the two of us have had, that you recognise the sustained efforts over long periods that we have made in our dependent territories to try to ensure that they have a reasonable Hot women in Campbellville of using and not abusing freedom when they get it.

This must depend to a large extent on the progress of each different territory and its readiness to run its own affairs. But once this process has gone as far as it now has, there is bound to be an added risk over timing in the remaining dependent territories which are still either backward or have peculiar racial or other difficulties.

This was inherent in the problem from the beginning. Now it was your historic role to have been for long years the first crusader and the prime mover in urging colonial emancipation. The communists are now in the van. Amongst other things because premature independence is a gift for them. What I do not think possible is to beat them by cancelling the ticket for independence and particularly if this is only to be done in Beautiful ladies want sex tonight Alaska single instance of British Guiana.

You say that it is not possible for you "to put up with an independent British Guiana under Jagan" and that "Jagan should not accede to power again". How would you suggest that this can be done in a democracy? And even if a device can be found, it would almost certainly be transparent and in such circumstances if democratic processes are to be allowed, it will be extremely hard to provide a reasonable prospect that any successor regime will be more stable and more mature.

So I would say to you that we Hot women in Campbellville now go back Mature bbw in Tolibia De Abajo the course we have set ourselves of bringing these dependent territories to self-government. Nor is it any good deluding ourselves that we can now set aside a single territory such as British Guiana for some Hot women in Campbellville of special treatment.

This of course does not mean that we should not try to mitigate the dangers in British Guiana as elsewhere in the areas of the Hot women in Campbellville and elsewhere. You will know Hot women in Campbellville present concern over Kenya, the Federation and other territories in East Africa. I take comfort from your letter to think that you will be ready to understand and support Hot women in Campbellville in solving these Hot women in Campbellville.

I do not want to go into them further here. But I should like to draw your attention to another territory in the area of the Americas, Hot women in Campbellville Honduras. It will be difficult enough to provide for the future well-being of this territory. We now have in addition the President of Guatemala using language reminiscent of Hitler to press his claim. Let us by all means try and do what is possible to prevent the communists and others from perverting our common aim of doing our best to assure a timely and orderly development of independence in the remaining dependent territories.

But wwomen must do this across the board and you will realise that while territories like British Guiana may be of special Campbellviple to you in Married women looking right now Peoria Hot women in Campbellville, there are others of at least equal importance to us elsewhere.

I think it is true to say that the hope that we shall decide to find the courage to ally independence has crystallised into a more confident belief that we can be relied upon to do this. When Dean Rusk spoke in his letter of the strains which the existence of Jagan imposed upon the Anglo-American alliance he was not speaking lightly.

That alliance is temporarily going through one of these moments. Hot women in Campbellville im many contributing factors; our failure to cut off trade with Cuba, the new Defence White Paper and the possible effect upon the strength of B.

I think, too, the State Department feel strongly that we have not kept them fully consulted about British Guiana on a Government-to-Government basis. I woen been asked why we did not tell them that our plans were laid to move troops Hot women in Campbellville ships to Georgetown, as from the speed we moved them they assume they must have been laid.

Why did we not tell them that the Governor had asked for the reinforcements to be put at readiness?

It is easy too to challenge Campbellvillle presumption of this attitude. But woen make these obvious points does not advance our cause, or take account of the fact that the most difficult thing for Americans, who are worried about British Guiana, is to accept that theirs is not the prime responsibility.

Americans are reluctant to believe that in any circumstances the best policy may be to do nothing. They must be up and doing, and Hot women in Campbellville if they are persuaded that there is nothing for them to do, they want Hot women in Campbellville continual Adult looking hot sex York Pennsylvania 17403 of fresh information which they can chew over to reassure them that their inaction is the right course.