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I Look For Man I have the just need a bombshell

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I have the just need a bombshell

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Here it might be opportune to quote Wikipedia, "The term bombshell is a forerunner to nede term "sex symbol" and originally used to describe popular female sex icons. Modern slang refers to a bombshell as an Girls sex rockwell sexually attractive woman. At the peril of sounding like a feminist, I'll posit that this sort of labeling is a typical male thing.

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Wasn't neex "bullet bra" "torpedo bra" invented by a man? Yes it was, by Howard Hughes, no less, in That military terminology crept into the civilian life was, understandably, partly due to the vicissitudes of the times, but I think it has just as much to do with the old story of sex and violence.

These examples have been automatically selected and may contain The Sun ( )Now my wife has just dropped a bombshell - she's pregnant again. Definition of bombshell - an unexpected and surprising event, especially an unpleasant one, a very attractive woman, an artillery shell. used today. rita hayworth was the first woman to be called a 'bombshell' Guys don't know what it is, they only care that it increases your sexual attractiveness. Downside: your bra I want to make him my little blonde bombshell! by Jenny.

So there you have it. If a woman is so incredibly stunning, you'd say she blows your mind 1. The rush of adrenaline a man feels when looking at a woman they have a strong sexual attraction to can be almost violent in nature.

Some people even speak of their hearts exploding with joy. A bomb is a powerful weapon and its effects can be devastating, likewise the effects Must a sexually attractive woman on men can be as traumatic or destructive. As I read the wikipedia link posted by Congusbongus, I saw that the original title for the film was indeed Bombshell Indian Gander sex male and I began to read the plot of the story.

The story has nothing related to war or any type of aggressive conflict. So why the title? What did it mean?

Bombshell by Victoria's Secret for women |

And why was it changed to the Blonde Bombshell so soon after its release? Well the story is a comedy about a famous film star, Lola Jean Harlowand how she abandons Hollywood to pursue a more normal life. She falls in love with a wealthy man who has no idea of hae past but in due course he makes a proposal of marriage.

On hearing the news, the affluent and supercilious lover is shocked, rejects Lola and calls off the marriage. Lola thereby returns to her former world, Hollywood. It's clear from this context that the meaning of the title, bombshell, only made any sense at the end of the story i. Jean Harlow despite her very young age, was already a huge star in Hollywood, she had starred hafe several "block buster movies", among them Platinum Blonde released two years earlier in The public by now ujst identified Harlow as I have the just need a bombshell sexy platinum blonde star and simply tagged the blonde neeed to the original film title, MGM renamed the movie, and the rest is history.

Using the word bombshell describes the metaphorical effect the person has on the observer.

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Van den Bark Amer. I have heard that it derived from the fact that there was a chemical in bombs that caused hair to turn a very deep blonde colour.

The chemical was discovered and then lots of women began to produce bombs in the factories with direct access to this carciologenic chemical.

I watched Horrible Histories today and said that women used to steal gunpowder from the munitions factories as it bleached their hair but that it often had consequences being highly flammable, hence "blonde bombshell". It also used to turn their skin yellow too! Bombshell may have come from the humor and racy comments in Captain Billy's Whiz Bang magazine which began publishing in From what I understand many attractive women were described using words from the Great War, as I have the just need a bombshell Sexy chicks in Jackson Mississippi looking for nerds of the magazine itself.

Having 9-years in the military, I need to bring this perspective. A bombshell is just a casing.

It looks dangerous, but its interior is vapid. We've demonstrated that bombshell was used long before it was used as the title of Jean Harlow's movie. As for the actual origin When the new word finally meets the air, a few dark bombshfll emerge within the unit, then some doof takes it to his next unit and acts like it's his word, and so on and so forth.

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Jan 18,  · Just like the Dossier was used as justification for a FISA warrant on Carter Page and two years of Russia collusion conspiracy theories, Cormier: We need a bombshell kind of scoop, dang it..!!! Leopold: (holds hand up to ear like a phone WHAT’S THAT?? Donald Trump . You need results and you need them now! Well, I just may have the perfect program for you BUT it’s not a quick fix. See, quick results ALSO leave you quickly too, so you can often find yourself ending up with a body worse than the one you started with. Sep 26,  · Biblical BOMBSHELL! Archaeologists Just Found First Evidence Of Exodus!?! This is Bombshell information! We are going to discuss an article just released stating that Archaeologists may have just found the first potential evidence of Exodus! The finding now potentially put science directly in line with the biblical record.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Drew 14k 9 30 I don't have sources so I won't leave it as an answer. Also all of the answers below are really long comments and not answers.

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Really should have guidelines on answering historical language questions RyeBread if you can bring evidence that "bombshell" was used to describe women as far back as WWI I'll put a bounty on the question. Just leave me a comment so I can activate it.

My Boyfriend just dropped a bombshell, Now I feel like a cheater!? | Yahoo Answers

I won't promise that you'll get the bounty, but I do think your answer will generate some interest. Head, shoulders, metaphors, and toes. Comedian ISMO on what separates a boot from a trunk. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

The awkward case of 'his or her'.

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The "we still have another month of winter" quiz. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. I have the just need a bombshell Twitter YouTube Instagram. Synonyms for bombshell Synonyms jarjaw-dropperjoltstunnersurprise also surprize Visit the Thesaurus for More. Examples of bombshell in a Sentence discovering jst I had a long-lost sister was an absolute bombshell.

Recent Examples on the Web The redhead bombshell bombxhell the perfect Ariel, but insists this is her first time dressing up as the iconic character.

Bombshell | Definition of Bombshell by Merriam-Webster

First Known Use bombshsll bombshellin the meaning defined at sense 1. Learn More about bombshell. Resources for bombshell Time Traveler!

Explore the year a word first appeared.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Cohen claims Trump knew of Trump Tower meeting. What the Manafort and Cohen case results mean. Almost ought to be bombshel. Don't hire Michael Cohen. Cohen will not seek Trump pardon. Internet objects to Cohen's GoFundMe page.

Michael Cohen pleads guilty on 8 counts. Michael Cohen surrenders to FBI. Cohen thinks Trump is a danger to US.

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Cohen in talks to plead guilty to charges. Cohen under investigation for tax fraud.

Feds preparing charges against Cohen. Schlapp on Cohen 'duping' Trump: Wouldn't pardon Cohen if I was Trump. Late night skewers Trump over Cohen recording. Why the Trump-Cohen tape is a big deal. Cohen is willing to make that assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller, the sources said.