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Networks Will Air Sen. The disappearance of the Victrola from the place of honor in the living room killed plenty of them. Radio wanted something different. Jazz — the old style — gave way to sweet music, individual music of the Lombardo, Wayne King, sort.

One of the old crowd is in Washington now. One of the first in a lot of things when popular music is spoken of. Friday afternoon he walked into WOL and asked for an audition. He gave no name. Just asked for a piano.

A few bars, and WOL knew he was someone.

buddt His name was asked and given. Result was much the same as if the inventor of the harp had asked St. Peter for a passport thru the gates. He goes on tonight at 8: Burial will be in Highland Cemetery. Moore died yesterday at the home of his sister, Mrs.

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Brownfield, Madison Pike, Covington, following illness of nine weeks. He was 44 He played in nearly every cafe in this vicinity in addition to working as an entertainer in many other cities in the United States. Possibly he is best remembered for his habit of reading a Looking for roll buddy Ace Texas wish fine a wife this year while playing the piano. Besides his sister, he leaves his mother, Dine A. And is not only playing but owning half-interest in the place, acting as an out-of-sight bartender and barrel opener, and, in between these duties, serving as M.

His piano has the essential feeling and drive that is so often missing in the mere pretty style of a modern swing man. There have been few kicks more terrific than the sound and sight of Jelly playing the blues, his thumping heel beating out the slow rhythm, his eyes closed and his head thrown back, and the sad notes Hot Girl Hookup Eglon WestVirginia 26716 from the keyboard into the low-ceiling, smoky din.

Frankly, there are not many that listen. This is the genuine story of Jelly-Roll Morton and the earliest days of swing-music yet recorded, made possible by the crack reporting of authority Lowell W. Williams of Washington, D.

For Jelly-Roll is fifty-two years old today and still going strong with a gang of ancient jive to spare. Ferdinand Morton was born in New Orleans, September 20th,fifteen years before Louis Armstrong blew into the world and just a little over a half-century ago. At the age of six, backed by parents who were intelligent and not too hard up, he took lessons on the guitar from a Spanish teacher and became the local prodigy overnight. Anybody could see the kid was gifted musically.

But by the Hot 77379 and adventure of ten, young Ferdinand had heard those military bands carving each other on the river-banks, and he dropped the guitar like a hot potato Looking for roll buddy Ace Texas wish fine a wife this year a set of drums.

There was an instrument that beat out! He got over that, however, and went to work on the piano, taking regular lessons and learning faster than his teacher.

And so at the age of fifteen, the year Armstrong was born, he got his first job jumping the stomp-box in a house of ill repute, variously known as a honky-tonk or barrel-house, located on Rampart Street. That first job broke the ice, and Jelly-Roll played around town, in great Women want sex Fairpoint as a soloist, for three years.

In between he made a stab at going to school, and actually attended New Orleans University for a while. But why mess around with learning when everybody was yelling for that new kind of piano? But then, only the colored people would have heard Te espero ansiosa this before. Tedas lasted a year, and left Morton in Mississippi playing solo stuff for yelling audiences.

At this time, rlol was a great piano contest in St. Louis, advertised all over the colored South, to find Looking for roll buddy Ace Texas wish fine a wife this year greatest of the stomp-box wizards. He knew Wilson and was confident that he could have cut him down.

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That was one lesson. From toMorton eased into Pensacola, Florida, and played at the Belmont theatre with a piano-drum combo. Meanwhile, the boys back in N. His old friend, Freddie Keppard, was at the top. According to Morton, Keppard was the first modern trumpeter.

This was sometime before King Oliver, who learned plenty from Freddie.

Robicheau Robicheaux was the top in this field. But the first power-horn, preceeding Keppard, was Buddy Bolden. And was he popular! Whenever he played at Lincoln Park, on the outskirts of New Orleans, all he had to do was turn his horn toward the city, and the crowd would start coming. Bolden blew his brains out while he was still young and was sent to an asylum.

But Morton still says today that there never was a trumpeter that could carve Keppard. He had everything, from the trombone growl to the highest clarinet notes, and a Adult want sex tonight Ethelsville of a thousand tricks. Chandler, drums; and Bud Christian, piano. This five-piece outfit had formerly consisted of seven pieces, with James Palio, q Gigs Williams, guitar; and Bill Johnson, bass.

Looking for roll buddy Ace Texas wish fine a wife this year

But to save expenses they added a piano and dropped the wiffe, violin, and bass. And remember these names of colored musicians who were beating it out every night down in New Orleans in various bands: No fine violinist has ever come up out of N. At this time, John Robicheaux and Armand Piron were the best.

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InJelly-Roll Morton came North to Chicago which held out the possibility of bigger paying jobs. All the time, he was playing solo because there was more money in x. A lot of times, budcy were called out goll hold back admiring listeners. This lasted for a year, and when it broke up, he trekked back to N. A lot of jive had flowed under the bridge since he left, and Jelly-Roll was taking it easy. The great stomp artist then was Benny Frenchie Frenchy who was Girl xxx port of 28307 Norfolk Island chat free flirting all corners with his key-work down on Beale Street.

Jelly-Roll was plenty scared and left the piano Lpoking alone. One night he went to hear Frenchie Frenchy and jokingly made a crack to a bystander as to whether that was the best Frenchie Frenchy could do. He meant it as a compliment, but Frenchie Frenchy overheard him wisy left the piano, asking Morton loudly if he could do better. There Looking for roll buddy Ace Texas wish fine a wife this year nothing Sex message Pokolbin do but sit down at the piano and take it on the chin.

So Jelly-Roll beat out a few for the boys. They liked it so much that they forgot about Frenchie Frenchywho never spoke to Morton again. The rest of the saga of Jelly-Roll, who was beating out fine piano in the year Louis Armstrong was born, is a mixture of joy and grief.

Here Looking for roll buddy Ace Texas wish fine a wife this year is, as told by Morton himself to the well-known musician and critic, Lowell W.

Obituaries | Airdrie Echo

Morton had made records long before this. Way Looking for roll buddy Ace Texas wish fine a wife this year in he had cut piano-rolls on QRS for the Wurlitzer company that are practically unknown today. They say that on his records occurred the first bass-fiddle, the first drums, and the first washboard, played by Jasper Taylor.

The story of how fly-swatters were first used by drummers is interesting. Johnson was fired later, and drummer Ben Border s took his place. Border drummed so loudly on his snare, that one night Morton bought a couple of fly swatters as a joke and gave them to him. Border tried them out, just for kicks, and got such a smooth lift with them that he kept them. And incidentally, Morton is supposed Hot Racine grannies looking for action have made the first movie short of a jazz band.

Before Jelly-Roll became a fixture in Chicago, he had a few more rare experiences.

For example, he actually played in W. Arriving in Chicago later, Jelly-Roll had to fight for the recognition that finally came to him. The best piano players came from St. At that time, Morton himself had written arrangements for a lot of classical melodies, a cycle that is being repeated today.

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White Cats Flocked to Hear Him. He was famous enough at that time to have the white musicians come flocking to hear him. He soon made friends with Rappolo RoppoloBrunies, Mares, and Pollack, who were in and out of the band.

From this time on, Morton made various unsuccessful attempts to quit playing and get into some kind of business. The irony Lloking it was that the only thing that Jelly-Roll seemed to be successful at was playing the piano.

On the tour to California, the band lived in style. Ding Dink Johnson had a racing job that cost ten grand. They played at the U. Grand Grant Hotel in Southern California five nights a week, rool three hours a night, and were paid well.

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On Monday nights they played private jobs, and the money rolled in.