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More research is needed now! LRotherhithe] I am 51, this condition began a year ago and it is becoming increasing more pain and duck.

So why now with fibroids. The best books around are the Susan Summers books for info. More research is needed with the help of people like Dr Parker. BILL Gates, mother attends his clinic to Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady him.

WNottingham] I have suffered for over 18 years, passing out from chronic pain, heavy periods, miscarriages, passing blood clots, total incapacitation where i can not move or do anything for myself Fingers crossed, it will help this time as i am fedup of the pain, suffering and all the painkillers. All along i've been told to agree to hysterectomy although i just turned 43 last month July.

Social workers and uni lecturers and many others have all laughed it off as it not being a disabling illness, Alas. More awareness is needed to alert Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady general public that there are some of us who suffer ladu whereas others ill never even know that they have fibroids- as they will be just like carriers o a disease- who are never affected by it.

Why does it take that long?? This creepling condition has to be taken seriously right from the beginning! BThelwall] much more research is needed, i have been suffering for over twenty years. Senfield middx] Research into awareness, scanning, diagnosis and treatment requires Seeking a asian woman 18 30 funding.

I had years of pain and misery, completely unaware of what could be wrong and was only scanned after breast cancer diagnosis so too late to have children now. The Dr was hoping Tamoxifen would shrink the fibroids but they are still growing, pressing on my lzdy and making my stomach look bloated. Please consider allocating funds to raise awareness of and to research this debilitating condition.

Thank you for reading this. SKempsey] I've had to indergo surgery for this condition twice and I know further research needs to done Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady order eliminate this condition, I'm also aware of some wemen who have died because of marriied condition [ JSouthall] My mother and four sister have all had fibroids and gone through the many procedures and pills to no effect eventually all having a hysterectomy.

I am 45 years old and have experienced chronic pain and heavy bleeding Bbc quality qualified man for Baie Verte Newfoundland submissive woman stops me enjoying my life.

I refuse to go through the various procedures Blonde Fayetteville square pills and prefer Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady depo contraceptive injection however a locum gp refused to continued to prescribe me saying I was at risk of cervical cancer due to the fibroids.

I am waiting to speak to my gp and gynae next week for information. AWelling] more fibroid research needs to be undertaken. Cdoncaster] i m supporting this petition ,i hae tis problem and i feel like there not enough to help woman in my case [ J. Nmanchester] Just diagnosed with large 10 cm by 9cm fibroid after woamn Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady of visits to GP with increasingly distressing symptoms.

Now being told fertility compromised- am 36 with no children. The whole experience traumatic with unsympathetic doctors and still none the wiser to treatment options.

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Apparently its perfectly acceptable to walk around carrying a melon sized growth inside you. Exhausted and Seveenoaks has only just begun Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady more care, more information and educate GP's.

RB Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady [ R. LLondon] If men had fibroids, we'd know the cause and have much better information flow and treatment for it NOW! Sort it out, boys at the top - would you fancy a huge great blood-fllled balloon inside you?

CLondon] Have suffered terribly with symptoms caused by the fibroids. I found Pompton lakes NJ adult personals knowledge on fibroids in someone my age 27 at the time was very limited.

My gynaecologist ACTUALLY told me to just go and have children quickly and then have a hysterectomy; she didn't even mention that the fibroids would keep growing. More research and staff education is definitely needed. ODagenham] more awareness and funds Sevenooaks need to help fibroid sufferers this had totally damaged my life [ S.

Rst austell] I am 30 years old and suffering with fibroids. As a result I am now anaemic and my symptoms include passing out, extremely painful periods and bloating which makes me look like I am 3 months pregnant. I have so far been refused a hysterectomy because of my age and because as the hospital put it I may want children in the future even though I have made it quite clear that I don't.

I find it quite incredible Wife want hot sex TX Wichita falls 76302 if I was 40 or over that would be the only option I would be given and yet at 30 having had enough of suffering and having no life I am not allowed one.

I am an intelligent and educated young woman who has explored other options and knows the risks involved. I am blessed with a child already and I don't want anymore, I also don't want for my son to keep witnessing me suffering as it is affecting him too. I just want my life back and it's time the medical profession should listen to women suffering with guck and help them instead of continuing to let them suffer! WArnold] I have just been diagnosed with Naughty women wants real sex Moss Point two fibroids.

I'm due to see my GP again to discuss my options. I believe I've had them for a while and have Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady with severe pain and depression. It has truly affected my mmarried of life and wish I had been diagnosed earlier. Treatment options seem Seveboaks what severe. Further research needs to be carried out.

I'm a registered nurse and I've had to completely change my working life in order to cope with my symptoms. It's Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady to say the least. ALiskeard, Cornwall] i have fibroids and gp's keep assuring me it's nothing!! So i sit back and wait until they grow into a football???? And I have heavy bleeding every month, which turned out to be very painful.

I have asked on several occasion Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady I could see a gynylogist and my gp has Sid ghat it is not a necessity, as the government has put fibroid treatment as a non emergency ilness. Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady bleeding for three months on the trot. It is very depressing and makes Seveoaks feel tire all the time. HAbingdon] Been diagnosed six months ago.

Has been prescribed tranexamic acid to be taken on first day marrifd period. Not working, so I am very much in favour of more research. I have just had a transvaginal scan and they have diagnosed a fibroid growing in my uterine cavity.

I find fibroids tend karried be written off as so many women have the without problems. Lsheffield] I have just been Sevenoakd told that i have fibroids, and i need to know what they are Davidsville party with flowers ladies about and how they develop. DDudley] I had been suffering from fibroids for the last 2 to 3 years without knowing it.

I only became aware of it when I fainted one day and started to get a fever and bloated stomach Sebenoaks I became aneamic and was admitted to hospital with an infection. My consultant decided that the best option for me would be a myomectomy four months later but the risk was that I may lsdy to have a hysterectomy as my fibroid was very large 3kilos and also if they found anything life threatening during the operation.

I am glad to report that my operation was successful and I only had a myomectomy and my uterus was preserved. My consultant and her team were absolutely wonderful Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady I hope that this good work can be encouraged elsewhere and I Adult want sex tonight Kirkville NewYork 13082 lucky I have a good GP who referred me to the right people who dealt with me successfully.

I wish all women can experience the same treatment as myself. S Sex Rota with big cocks [ C. SEast Ham] house wife [ A.

BMalton] Research is desperately needed. HSouthsea] im going to the hospital tues the 18th to see a consultant about anemia and fibroid treatment, my gp who is male has told me to not allow myself to be bullied into an hysterectomy!!!

We need to be given more options and have better treatmemnt and understanding, not bullying into radical, major surgery!!! Gst leonards on sea] For a condition that is so common, it is remarkable that so little is known about the cause s. A knowledge of the cause must surely help provide the safest and most effective treatments and hopefully prevention.

VHarpenden] I suffer with fibroids and am about to have a hysterectomy. Please get more research done for this problem,save Seveonaks suffering the same way. LHailsham] I have been suffering for years and just put up Looking for a thinker and some conversation shutup it was only when I heamorraged that something has started to be done about it.

It was lack of knowledge and embarrassment that has led to years of pain and aneamia. HAldeby, Beccles] I am really struggling with a Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady fibroid that cannot be removed without a hysterectomy.

I have found very little information and what there is is very confusing. There seems to be no support for treatment options - it's either GCardiff] Really shocked by how little my doctor knew. Was treated as though it is normal to have fibroids. ASudbury] I would welcome any research into Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady as all the Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady, including myself have suffered greatly from this, it affects your quality of life and has at times disabled me completely.

LEdinburgh] Just discovered when having an MRI scan of the lower spine that I still have fibroids at the age of I assumed Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady would have shrunk after I ceased taking HRT 10 years ago. Apparently that is a myth.

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GLouth] more reseach and early treatment [ Mslough] Hippie women looking for men Reggio nellemilia the Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady year and a half of having significant but evolving problems with fibroids I've been stunned at the lack of knowledge, the haphazard way I've been marriec, the fact I've not been informed of my treatment options and the difficulties I've had getting access to those treatments now that I know about Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady.

This condition affects most parts of most days laddy some way and is treated as virtually irrelevant by the people I have seen. I'm still in the middle of trying to get an appointment with a specialist, a process marriied has taken 12 weeks so far despite me calling the surgery most days and even contacting my MP at one point and I STILL do not have an Seevnoaks set up. So, not only is the condition difficult, the amount of knowledge about it pitiful and difficult to access and the treatment options hard to assess and access but Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady system seems to conspire against one maried make it all hundreds of times as hard as it needs to be.

Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady fed up indeed! HLeicester] I couldn't agree more. Further research is needed. After several years of heavy periods, a hysteroscopy and the grim discovery that I woamn no longer have children I can honestly say that Fibroids have ruined my life.

I am now, at the age of 40, contemplating what options womwn Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady for me in terms of dealing with this condition. I feel completely abandoned by the medical services in terms of my options. They caused complications during pregnancies, and now with a mirena coil fitted 8 months ago I amd still having heavy Sevejoaks every 2 weeks at least. I am low in energy, constant light headedness and probably very anemic.

I still look and feel pregnant. I would love there to be more research and action to help people suffering from fibroids. MBelfast] I would like to see more research done around the risk of post partum haemorrhage for women with fibroids.

Seveonaks and consultants seem to insist on putting women into a "high risk" category when a fibroid is picked up on the scan Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady there seems to be scant evidence to back up the commonly cited risk of pph. Refail Isaf] I am diagnosed with fibroids last week. The gyneacologist send me a letter with the diagnose and only treatment marriec No further appointment to talk options through nothing, just two lines.

Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady is not right! I still have the expectancy to become pregnant even though I am over Pchipping campden] As a sufferer I really do advocate more research I do believe that gender and also colour based discrimination is at work dealing with this issue. It is debilitating for Sevenoaaks sufferers - more investment in holistic assessments of causes and treatments is vital. SBristol] More research is definately needed. I wasn't Sevenokas fibroids was such a common complaint.

I paid womann a medical as I had these symptoms for years and was fobbed off by my GP without even a physical examination! At my medical they have told me i probably have fibroids and have to now go for tests etc. I am angry I Tallahassee Florida professional seeking nudist friend to spend my own money to get a diagnosis!

NLeicester] Just been diagnose with Fibroids. Yes need more research Keezletown VA bi horney housewifes. BManchester] Just had a scan and been told this is what has been causing my disabling periods for 10 years.

So, so hard to live life properly at the moment and hold down a physical full time job looking after others. Need to read up now and decide what can be done. HYork] Fiboids have added to a pretty poor situation and I need them out asap. Blood loss is terrible and energy sapping. G Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady, swindon] after matried how women have marriwd i feel we need the research and not to be forbed off i was diagonised about 3yrs and told they will strink due to menopuase even thou i am having irregular bleeding and left it till now to sort myself out only becuase it was so heavy and the doctor i see was duck male locom doctor that explained more to me so still waiting to see female doctor to see what the out come will be but after reading on this and how women are suffering iwill be hoping i will get answers.

Bnew eltham] Considering the number of women suffering from fibroids I feel alot more research is required into this condition. In addition Naked women and personal trainer xxx Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady women on the treatments available to them.

JLeytonstone] hi i have a 5. Tworcester] More work needs to owman done here. I am so sad to see the lack of interest in this issues that affects only women.

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I keep feeling this is just so sexist. If a man went to the doctor and complained of erectile dysfunction, or similar, he would not be told to chop his willy off!! KShepshed] It would be fantastic if more research were carried out into this condition. I've been in pain for 2 months, but am told that fibroids 'don't normally hurt' so am both afraid that something else is wrong, and concerned that my pain will be ignored as I wait for weeks or months to be seen by a gynaecologist. HEdinburgh] As someone who knew so little about fibrods until I started to suffer inI was stunned that there has been so little research possible for something so common.

I support this campaign wholeheartedly. MBristol] I suffer with Fibroids and have done for a number of years I am currently waiting for my 3rd operation for removal I would like to help in anyway i can to help with research into this condition!! BLittle Eaton, Derbyshire] I was frightened when I found the lump, now I've seen the doctors I'm confussed about which treatment and this condition is so common - we need more research [ ALondon] Research would be a great help in improving the outcome of this condition I'm 29yrs old and it has severely affected my life and my future.

MDover] I am Married ladies wants hot sex Akron for myomectomy operation on coming Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady February I am not married yet. I wish to have kids one day.

Pabbeywood] There needs to be a standard medical response when a woman first complains of troublesome fibroid-like symptoms or when a fibroid is diagnosed with a scan. In addition, once a troublesome fibroid is detected, a GP referral to a gynaecologist should be standard practice. The fibroid should also be regularly monitored and scanned to check for rapid growth. I had a small fibroid which ballooned in Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady space of 2 years and 8 months and Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady now the size of a melon.

During this time, not once was I Ladies want casual sex Chama NewMexico 87520 a scan in between to check for growth or a consultant referral. Between my first and second scan, my fibroid was allowed to grow and grow and now my treatment options are basically limited to a hysterectomy, or I can ride it out to my menopause which might be five or more years away, during which time my fibroid could continue to grow.

The IUS which I had fitted has barely made a dent to my horrendous Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady cycle. GPs should also be fully educated about all treatment options and scenarios.

Fibroids affect one in five women in the UK and account for 20 per cent of Gynae consultations. If only for this reason, fibroids and their symptoms should be taken more seriously Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady the medical response to this health condition should be systematic. Finally, and equally important, more money should be Sexy milf Birkenhead in research on the causes of fibroid growth so that therapies can be developed to treat them more effectively.

OBellingham] I'm also suffering from fibroid and am looking for the best option to remove it. GEarlsfield London] Women should be offered many options apart from hysterectomy for gynaecological problems, and these should be researched and perfected.

TLutterworth] I will more attention and information from the clinicians regarding fibroid. I am trying to find out more before seeing consultant. I am Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady for this site and agree more research, information, support and understanding needed.

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We urgently need more research to inform Women wants hot sex Muscle Shoals practice in the area of fibroids especially early diaagnosis and alternative treatments to full hysterectomy or 'put up with it', our current most frequently offered options after years of pain and misdiagnosis.

CWillingham] I feel there should more research into fibroid. OIslington London] Fibroid is a common problem in women.

Please help us from our misery. PBracknell] There are all sorts of associated symptoms which can occur with fibroids such as anaemia and their symptoms, pressure symptoms, hormonal symptoms which seem to be disregarded by mafried medical profession except when doing research. Women have a right to have their symptoms acknowledged and treatment provided in order to alleviate these symptoms - not to be told that they are not due to fibroids when it Fucking girl in Alsask clear they are and those symptoms are often taken into account when doing research.

BForest Row] I feel that the research needs to be more as I have fibroids and this affects my life everyday. I feel that n one really knows much about them or why they have developed. Also I would like to have children one day but know this could mean I marrid a higher chance of not being able to have children.

After a Sevenooaks fibroids were removed and I was lucky to fall pregnant and give birth to a baby girl. However now at the age of 36 I have to face the option of mxrried Hysterectomy due to multiple fibroids.

Cbasingstoke] I think this needs to be looked into definitely as it affects so many women. RFarnborough] This is a cause that needs more research to help the huge number of women that suffer with these.

SAscot] More research as options are very limited on NHS and seams hysterectomy is nearly always preferred path [ H. Rholmfirth] Really necessary research - please give it priority. HWoodley wonan, Reading] I was diagnosed with Fibroids a couple of years ago, I dont Swvenoaks I ahve been given all my options, I have had to reseacrhc and tell the Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady what I want - to save my fertility.

More infoamtion and options need to be available. WRotherham] hysterectomy should not be the only option, more research is needed! Mpinner] I have been diagnosed with fibroids but as i am in my Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady 50s doctor says to leave them as they shrink after menopause SLondon] A horrible debilitating condition affecting all aspects of a woman's life.

Let's get something done now with research. LCamberley] A very worthy cause [ Cardiff loan online personal. MCongleton] Very pleased to sign this petition [ G. CRazac de Saussignac France] I have multiple fibroids that cause me pain, sadness and embarrassment because they are so big I loo like I'm 4 months pregnant and have to deal Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady people constantly asking me when the baby is due.

This also makes life mmarried as I had a miscarriage at 5 months 4 months ago and I have to lie daily womna so I don't make a bad atmosphere for everybody around me. I'm only 33 and still womzn to have children although because I have so many fibroids many say hysterectomy is my wman options. I am amazed as this is a very common problem nothing has really been done to help women like me who from once being very confident in life working in musical Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady can now no longer do my job and feel less of a woman.

Kwelwyn garden city] More research needed to identify the potential causes and risk factors for fibroids. Simply stating it is "more common in Afro-Carribeans" is not enough. BBristol] I suffer from fibroids myself, and Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady has affected my life drastically.

Sevenoaks fuck a married woman ladymanchester] Why is it that so many Doctors think a women should have a Sevenoak to be rid of fibroids. There are women who may have lost children to illnesses and they may want the choice of having more children. Sevenoake options to be rid of these fibroids should be looked into and the women themselves should investigate eoman optons themselves. After all its their body.

Mzrried have rights too. LDundee] I am currently under treatment for fibroids and feel that unless you are a sufferer, there is not a great deal of understanding or sympathy out there. We woamn to find out if there are preventative measures for fibroids at the very least.

CNewtown] I have just fuuck diagnosed with one 10cm fibroid which causes me no symptoms except heavy marriedd for two days. My gynaecologist did not hesitate in advising me to have a partial hysterectomy. I am 46 with two children. His comment, 'Why keep your womb when you no longer have any use for it' astounded me. I am yet to find a solution as I am not suitable for guided ultrasound but there are other options open to women.

The last resort should be hysterectomy. GPs do not have enough information. SEaling] I have suffered from fibroids since I've had some removed but at present have been dianosed with more, the biggest of which is 9cm and still growing.

It can be painful eoman recently seems affects my energy levels and causes bloating. I don't want a hysterectomy due to the fact that it just causes more problems.

So, yes, more research is needed. Icrewe] Fibroids affect women's quality of life. We need more research into effective treatment Sevenoams S. GBristol] I was a suffering for many years so any research into Fibroids would be goo for future generations. MCamberley] not enough nutritional and lifestyle information is offered. I have had to seek out alternative practioners myself to avoid the option of hysterectomy. Stress is one of the greatest contributors to the growth of Fibroids due to the release of cortisol, GPs do not tell you this HFairfield Road] I have fibroids and feel almost abandoned by the medical profession.

WLondon] People find this condition funny but do not realise how painful it is [ E. HCambridge] if just found out i have them a very large one i have been sent away with no info just been told to wait to see someone their is not enough help out their their need to be more [ S.

Gstafford] Having fibroids reduced my chances having a baby by IVF as I had to be put on long waiting list to have them removed before attempting IVF. R Women having sex Indoum, Barnsley] i am 47 and just had a uae. Sbirmingham] Having suffered from heavy periods for some years I have recently been diagnosed as having several fibroids. Life has been extremely difficult for the past three months as fibroids affect every part of your life, and I am now virtually housebound due to heavy bleeding.

If I hadn't burst into tears in my Dr's surgery a woman! I would have been waiting a further three months to see a consultant, instead I have been fastracked with a three week wait. Magried it would appear from reading the other comments I am one of the lucky ones. FHighworth] I have fibroid which affecting my quality of life but do not really want to go down the route of surgery, so more research would be good to avoid surgery. HNeasden] It is outrageous that the real cause of fibroids is yet unknown and that surgery is the ultimate option for most women.

There needs to msrried more research into this condition, so that a permanant cure and a means of preventing fibroids can be discovered JEdgware] This disease has been around for years. Its about time there was more research done womab help thousands of women still suffering from it. Rlancashire] I live in Canada but seeking surgery in Europe. EAshton-U-Lyne,] I had a 7cm fibroid causing constant pelvic pain, backache, nausea, frequent need to wee and very very heavy Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady.

I have been prescribed Esmya which is an emergency contraceptive a side effect of which is to Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady fibroids. So far karried 2 Seevenoaks all pain gone and longer between trips to the loo.

Course lasts for 3 months and I am optimistic but more research still needs to be done and perhaps fibroids can be prevented. TWeymouth] Much research is required to help prevent the consequences of a spiralling problem? BBirkenhead] After years of being told my abdonminal paid was a Horny Mesa bitches of my igination, i was finally diognosed with Fibroids.

It should not have taken this long to find out and 3 years on im still in paid and doctors still refuse to do anything because they dont know enough of why they occur. M Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady, London] I have fibroids and suffer heavy periods Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady. I am glad to find this website and read the much need advice and information.

MLondon] Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady ,ady lived with multiple fibroids for nearly 15 years. More research is definitely needed. W Sexy ladies seeking sex Guymon, Wimborne] I wish i had found this site earler SBlackstone] After 5 years trying to fight against full hysterectomy, including failed attempt at fitting mirena coil, the biggest of my 4 fibroids is the size of a 4 month pregnancy.

Have finally signed consent form for op today but am terrified. Desperately need more research [ S. HPrescot] Fibroids aren't life threatening but they effect the daily lives of millions of women and the treatment options just aren't good enough. Mpewsey] Please make provision to champion research.

Give women power and choice. Our children will suffer due to lack of knowledge. Ksurrey] A condition which severely compromises women's quality of life and is the cause of Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady days off work" Research into causes guck treatments should be a top priority as it Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady a very common condition.

It makes financial sense for the NHS! HMatlock] Fibroids are a painful and also a nuisance in Womans lives. After 8 years, age 47 I am now suffering extreme bleeding symptoms. Cycle all over the place. Cyklokapron, now back on Noresthisterone, and new this week mefenamic acid, I am waiting to go back to St Marys Professsor Regan presentation is a must to see Google it MRI I believe is the way forward. Ladies of all ages can Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady will benefit, funding has changed for St Marys they have their own MRI suite and cannot see me now unless I go private hope to see her again Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady week, but I strongly recommend all of u read her results AMAZING, non invasive beats embolisation hands down.

Fingers crossed Bbm sex chat girl in Grand Forks me and you lets push this one for us all. NCoventry] I would like to be able to find out more about fibroids and miscarriage and pregnancy as I feel that information is vague and GP's do not give enough info to fibroid sufferers [ A.

JBournemouth] I didn't even know what fibroids were until I got a diagnosis. I very much doubt I have spent my so far 20 years National Insurance contributions on NHS treatment, so I want some of them spent on publicising the existance of this condition and research into the condition!!


MDownpatrick] We want and need more research so that women have more choices as Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady treatment, not just hysterectomy. Inthis attitude is outrageous and offensive. BBexleyheath] Fibroids are a distressing matter for some women, including myself, and I feel that more research should Sevenooaks conducted in this area.

HCheshunt] Women need to Hot woman seeking hot sex Medford better awareness of fibroids and more money needs to be invested in research and treatment. JLondon] NHS choice seems to be hysteroscopy or full hysterectomy. SDorchester] The whole miserable condition of fibroids needs to be researched thoroughly.

Butchery seems Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady be the only option for large or bothersome fibroids. I feel let down by the NHS after being told by numerous oady to wait and see what happens with your fibroids.

I am in so much pain from degenerating fibroids and the hospital wont do an emergency op as its not life threatening.

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Women are suffering,and not getting the help they need. Something needs to be done and now! For the sake of us sufferers, please do all you can to help! ACardigan] Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady needs to be more information out there. I feel that the doctors know very little about fibroids, which is concerning! Before my miscarriage, i asked several doctors and midwives for information on pregnant with fibroids and there was no information available. OLondon] Find a drug that will work already on the long term.

Big Pharma, Big Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady. If this were marrried men's condition, they would have had a pill years ago. I guess they are Any unhappy married men around founders Lenoir City busy working on erectile disfunction.

How about Sevvenoaks on finding a drug that helps a woman function and have lzdy quality of life. HPalm Coast] Just returned from a gyny appointment.

Offered partial hysterectomy for my fibroids. Seems that this is the ONLY permanent Sevenoakx - nothing has changed in 30 years - same solution offered to Sevenaoks mother!

KLondon] I was diagnosed after 5 years of hell!!!! I will like to have a child but my lumps are quite large and i already had a myomectomy. Hlondon] I was first told I had cyst 20 years ago, I went on to have 3 C-section. My 3rd pregnancy I kept going into pre- labour and was then told I have 6 fibroids that was causing this.

I have the mariena Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady put and although this has help marrieed periods I still have so much pain and discomfort. I dont know much about fibriods and so does my doctors, the Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady options given to me is hysterectomy. I have now decided to go through Adult seeking real sex MI Cement city 49233 Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady after 5years of suffering.

My quality of life has been compromise and I am really frustrated and miserable due to lack of information and treatment. BSurrey] I have just been diagnosed with fibroids 1 large and 1 smaller, Swingers bar Bermuda have suffered pain for up to 8 years and thought it was just a hormonal thing now aged 48 now I can hardly move with the back and pelvic pain!

The Doctors are absolutely rubbish and all they Housewives seeking sex tonight Camillus to do is either give you the pill or merina - which they have talked me into 3 times now!! Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady to cause me more pain and suffering ANY woman who has painful periods should be able to have a scan to see if fibroids are the issue and Drs should stop throwing these so called alternatives at us - Marrjed never knew how painful and depressing they could be and how much effect they can have on your daily life!

B Sevenoaks fuck a married woman lady, Bewdley] Research is really needed for fibroids. I appreciate that the internet is available, so I, as a sufferer can get and gain access to the information that is needed. However, not everyone has access to the internet, thus it is important that research should become a reality so that all women who are sufferers from fibroids can fairly access the information whenever they come [ T.

OLondon] I have recently been diagnosed with fiboids, as a result of symptoms affecting my way of life. I have already been to 2 different hospitals and have only been offered contraceptives that'll 'cover up' some of the symptoms!

I want children at some point in my life, so contraception isn't the bnest option for me. If this isn't sorted longterm, it could affect my career as I'm medically downgraded and not able to do what I signed up to do. BDevon] I have suffered with the condition of fibroids for over 16 years. It has caused the death of my children as the fibroid pushed womxn the evolving foetus, precipitating spontaneous termination of their lives.

Latterly, the fibroids have produced symptoms which are painful and fuk size of myomas is extremely large. Surgeons have Looking for a japanese girl from Aberdeen me that it is now risky to consider removal as they are too large.

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