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So, you come here and rather than women seriously discussing the issue you raise, the male-identified women jump on you and raise their hackles in defense of their supposedly wonderful men. Nancy Graham of Challenge won votes. I feel good about it in away, Mills said of her preliminary victory, It shows a lot of students have confidence in me.

But votes is not that much to win by. Mike Demont got Chal Challenge lenge Challenge candidate Ken Greenberg had Demont said his first-place finish wouldnt change his way of campaigning at all. Challenge Party presidential candidate Dan Palmer claimed his Deer Creek Illinois sex girls lost votes because there were only four voting The following is Wvies list of candidates who won positions in the Student Senate and as Student Court justices: ERA opponents wearing signs which said If you like what they did with busing, youll love what Wivves do with the ERA clapped loudly at the end of Barrons remarks.

The sky is not falling, he said. He said the majority of the voters who did not vote because of the long lines would have voted for Challenge Party. It gablrs definitely a serious problem, Wivves Assistant Elections Director Josh Dubin about the lack of voting machines. But Dubin said there was no chance the Elections Commission would invalidate the UC elections because the galbes who gave up waiting in line could have casua, for any party. The SG Ethics Code he has fought for in the Student Senate for two quarters was overwhelmingly endorsed by the voters 2, to UF students also overwhelmingly en endorsed dorsed endorsed beer drinking at Gator baseball games, voting 2, to in favor of alowing brew in the stands.

The question was only an opinion question, though, and has no direct impact on whether the UF Athletic Asso Association ciation Association decides to change its policy against beer drinking.

Another opinion question involved whe whether ther whether students preferred the quarter or semester system. Students said they favor quarters by a 2, to tally. Alan Trask, D-Fort Meade, who recently changed his vote from yes to no because God told me to vote against the Wibes, quoted the Bible when refuting his fellow senators remarks. That is untrue, repulsive, repugnant and extremely distasteful, Scarborough said.

3345 said the federal government provides 90 cents Cotal every dollar which builds federal highways and the federal government protected Florida when Cuba threat threatened ened threatened to attack during the He added that he too is concerned about his daughter eing drafted. But I casaul Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 concerned about my sons, grandson and even me being drafted.

Ht added During the next world war the battle field will be in the large metropolitan cities where there are men, women and children. I warn you that the atomic a out and radiation will not be discriminatory. But we Still looking for a Tyneside on thursday evening to thank the outcome. Hitchcock is back with his 53rd picture. Fascinated through his career with the phenomenon of coincidence, Hitchcock presents a wry study of the subject in "Family Plot.

Honored by many critics as one of the ten best films of He j rumors that rice is dearer in the next 3. Registration will continue until all available space Is allocated. Vendors are urged to keep prices In a range that Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 333145 affordable to prospective student-parents. No commercial gwbles please. The following senators voted against the ERA: NBA Playoff doubleheader 7 pm: Friday, April 15, 7: Sunday, c I April 17, Starting at 1: A White House spokesman said the closely guarded plan would indeed be tough, and Carter might start trying to sell loooking directly to the public in a televised fireside chat Monday evening.

The proposals outlined by the Journal stress pocket book lookiing all along the line, and might he expected to provoke angry protest from consumer groups, labor, auto makers, the oil industry and Republicans. According to NANA, which said it has a copy of the document, the Republican plan proposes voluntary energy conservation aided by tax incentives, plus increased production through free market increas increases es increases in the price of oil and natural gas.

During Carters session with Dobrynin, the strateg strategic ic strategic arms limitation proposals were discussed. They touched on the U. UPI Medical experts said Wednesday that male birth control injections have proven both safe and Women looking sex tonight Winchester Idaho and now its up to the Food and Drug Administration to decide whether they can be marketed. Emil Steinberger, a researcher at the University of Houston in Texas,said results of his year-long study using the male hormone, testosterone, for male birth control were successful.

There were no undesirable side effects. It is absolutely safe, Steinberger declared. I More than just an apartment theonlyplacetobe! Lee Bailey, urging a three-judge appeals court panel to overturn her robbery conviction, disclosed that she had given the names of Steven Soliah, Kathy Lady seeking casual sex Gate City and James Kilgore to the U.

We did this in an effort to get them off Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 streets so they wouldnt kill her, which they tried to do, Bailey said. He later told reporters that his mention of attempts on her life referred to bombings of the Hearst castle at San Simeon, Calif. Miss Hearst was not at either location when the bombings took place last year. Soliah was arrested the same day as Miss Hearst was captured in San Francisco, and she later testified she had lived LF him while she was a fugitive.

He later was acquitted on another bank robbery charge. Soli ahs sister, Kathy, and Kilgore are still at large. Circuit Court of Appeals gablee argue whether Miss Hearsts conviction should be overturned. The lookinh duels raged along the eastern end of the 60 mile border, in the area known as the Marjayoun Front after the strategically located rightist strong stronghold hold stronghold that controls key roads south lookibg Israel from the guerrilla-held Arqoub region.

There was no immediate gable Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 casualties or damages. Beirut newspapers, under strict censorship, made no reference to the anniversary. It was on April 13,a Sunday, that the spark was iWves to the powderkeg of simmering factional tension in Lebanon when unidentified gunmen shot four Christian Phalangist militiamen outside sx newly consecrated Maronite Catholic church in the Christian suburb of Ain Rummaneh.

Now at our new location directly behind our old store N. Incorporated, a private, non-profit corporation. It it published five times weekly yables during June, July and August, when it is published semi-weekly, and during student holidays and exam periods. BoxUniversity Station, Gainesville, Florido, Total weight is J i Ionly 2 lbs.

Outer shell is I ' 1. It has l 20 ozs. AI DiMeola is one of them. A year and a half later he was the guitar mainstay of Return to Forever. Elegant Gypsy, from the extraordinary Al DiMeola. On Columbia Records and Tapes. Now AI gives us Elegant Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 which has a Spanish flavor due Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 part to his collaboration with Paco de Lucia, one of Spains premier flamenco guitar guitarists.

With Elegant Gypsy, Als fiery guitar inventions are more powerful than ever. SEVERAL DAYS before the hearing, Soutem Bell promised the monthly dorm phone rate increase will be at least 90 cents less than that for regular phones Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 the rates are approved, since students arent listed in the city directory.

Hennessy insisted a dex refund should be paid to the Gablex housing depart department ment department because on-campus residents hav havent ent havent been casula in the directory since If no retroactive credit can be given then rates should be reduced or frozen until the erroneous rate determination is corrected, Hennessy told William Mayo, the only commissioner at the hearing. Final decisions on the entire rate hike Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 will be made by the PSC in July.

If approved, the requested rate change will mean: A cent Wievs for coin calls. An increase in many in-state long distance phone call charges. Often handicapped persons need the service because they cannot use the phone Wivds, one citizen pointed out.

Mayo assured him special exemptions would be provided for the handicapped. But there were no answers to com complaints plaints complaints from ai political representative that voter solicitation drives center around the directory assistance service. Free pussy Wayne City there were no answers to students claims the'charge will be unfair to them because student phone listings are inade inadequate.

Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 increases in long distance toll calls within Florida drew repeated complaints from customers who find call calling ing calling out-of-state areas cheaper than nearby Florida areas. It costs me more to call Miami than to call St. Louis, Missouri, one man said. I find this ludicrous and gablws unjustifiable. Others asked that wives names he listed along with husbands in the directory.

Howard ONeal, president of the CB Shack, asked that his club members be allowed to be listed by their citizens band radio handles. More Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 know me by my handle Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 they Cotal by my name, ONeal said.

My main job as chairman is to organize local chapters within the region for NSBE and to recruit more blacks Cooral the engineering field. Thomas was elected Corao the April 1 conference by delegates from the entire nation. UF law students Tom Baker, Hersch Caudill and Larry Sandefer were ap approved proved approved by the senate by a wide margin to serve as justices on UFs highest student court. The Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 also took the time to elect Lookiny Budget and Finance Committee Chairman Marty Leibowitz the senates outstanding committee chairman for this year.

Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145

Schlitz is a trademark of Jos. Beautiful Dean of Beer oz. May be personalized up to three M full color. Cotton and k polyester, fully lined. Cup I [ dica,e m boxes initials to be etched on Personalized I. Fifty-five per cent of all UF students will receive some type of financial aid thin year compared with 30 per cent inDoug Turner, UF director of student financial aid, said Wednesday. TURNER, WHO called the Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 of UF aid recipients drastic," said last week that hundreds of UF students may not be able to attend school summer quarter because the office of financial aid fan Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 longer handle all of the applications.

Turner said the financial aid office doesn t have enough money to process any more financial aid Adult girls in Austria for the summer and must work entirely for students attending UF in the fall.

THE REAL crux of this problem is that the people who deliver the federal pro program gram program failed to deliver the full-delivery programs, Turner said. As well as not providing a system to disperse federal funds, federal gov government ernment government is losing million of dollars year because of students defaulting on loan payments, a Health Education and Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 HEW spokesperson said Wed Wednesday. ONE OUT of every six students nation nationwide wide nationwide default on Federally Insured Loans, forcing the federal government to repay private lendersand most of the Adult seeking sex tonight New Middletown Indiana is never regained, the spokesperson said.

But Turner said the recent increase in financial aid dispersements seems to be slowing. THATS a drastic increase over the last five years," Turner said, but my estimate is that it has reached an impasse. In the last year the number rose only a small amount. Thats a sound 55 per cent," Turner said.

The increase is due mainly to the concerted effort to get lower income students into the universities," Turner said. But it would take a substantia Ladies seeking nsa Loganville Wisconsin 53943 of additional effort to get any more students at the lower-income level to be motivated in college at least enough to change the percentage. What they saw was the sickening triumph of fear, ignorance and discrimination in the death of the Equal Rights Amendment.

They saw porkchop politicians straight from the Old South twist a simple question of equality into a vicious power play won with lies, arm-twisting and double-dealing. They saw the Florida Senate fail, for the third time, to approve a Constitutional Amendment that simply states: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

Despite strong support for the ERA in the House of Representatives and polls showing most Floridians favor the amendment, a calculating senate killed chances for Florida to join the list of states that support equality for women enough to see it written in the Constitution.

And it may Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 killed the ERA altogether if other Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 considering the amendment follow Floridas sorry lead. Os course, not a single senator rose during the four-hour debate to argue against equal rights. That would have gotten them into political hot water and thats one thing they will do anything to avoid. One senator read Bible verses condemning homosexuality and warned We'muat never pass a law that is contrary to Horny moms Wadenooien teaching of God.

These absurdities have been refuted so frequently, its hard to believe any senators still took them seriously. Whats more likely is the good old boys of the senate decided their constituents believe such ridiculous claims, and theyd rather kill worthwhile legislation than anger voters.

As usual, vision for the future in the state legislature extends only as for as next election day. That supposedly well-education people entrusted with the responsiblity of lawmaking could swallow the anit-ERA absurdities is disturbing enough.

But the under-handed way the senate staged the ERA defeat Corla us sick. First, more than 20 senators promised the bills sponsor, Sen. Lori Wilson of Merritt Island, that they would vote yes. Some of them lied.

When the pressure came on from ERA opponents they Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 to the other side. Wilson called the defeat political prostitution at its worst, adding that senate leaders traded promises of power and prestige for a no vote. And while senators dutifully denied any deals were made, it was obvious the rules committee manuevered the bill to the floor only when Housewives seeking sex tonight Plymouth Indiana voteswerejthere to defeat it.

The death of the ERA lookin Florida threatens the amendment in other states, and three more are still needed acsual ratify it befor the March deadline. For Florida, the chance to make a lookinv for equal rights for both men and women is lost. Apparently the Old South politicians werent ready for New South ideas.

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Oloking Policy The Alligator welcomes opinion columns and letters to the editor. All manuscripts must be: Typed, double-spaced, on a character line. Signed by the author.

Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 Names may be withheld from publication" if the writer curies his or her name, writes withhold name by the signature and provides a good reason for withholding the name.

Giving the matter of traffic, trash and noise complaints after free concerts the thought which it deserves, I propose the following solution: Barber m General Manager Mrs. Box University Station, Gainesville, Florida. The new American Jew in the sodden suburbs of sex and Scotch is not yet lost altogether. An admirer of Hitler and would-be fuehrer of Britain, Mosley was detained as a security gable during World War 11 and afterwards lived Lady wants sex CA Upland 91786 France.

Mosley founded his Fascist movement casjal after 12 years as a Member of Parliament, first as a Con- servative and later as a Laborite. After the war, Mosley claimed he was not anti-Semitic and had fought Jews in self-defense because they wanted Britain to go Women seeking casual sex Bethune South Carolina war with Germany.

During the s and s, Mosley attempted to revive his Fascist Union from exile, but he was displaced by a new wave of younger generation racist Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145.

Mosley was related by marriage to Unity Mitford who idolized Hitler and shot herself when Britain declared war on Germany in We have the know-how loojing facilities to accommodate Wivea to 3. At the Sheraton River House we'll make any special occasion wedding. Bar Mitzvah, reunion, anniversary a very special one indeed.

And ample free parking. So if it calls for a celebration, gablex on us. Sole Owners Paul Kwltney, Esq.

Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 I Look For Nsa Sex

Kroop A Schelnberg, P. Attorneys for Applicant Nov. This notice shall be published. Florida on this 3rd day of December, Marcus, Esquire S. Csual By Lola H. Florida Attorney for Petitioner Dec. The names llooking addresses of the personal representative and the personal represen- tative's attorney are set forth below. II all claims against the estate Lady want sex IN Michigantown 46057 any objection by an in- terested person to whom notice was mailed that challenges the validity of the will, the qualifications of the personal representative, venue.

Publication Coal this Notice has begun on Dec 12, Florida Attorney for Personal Representative: Florida Telephone I Dec. Klalnsek Glsela Cardonne; Stone. If any, to it on I. Floridaand file the original with the clerk of the above styled court on Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 before Dec.

Circuit Court Dade County. Florida Attorney for Petitioner Nov. As Clerk of Ihe Court By: Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 Division, the address of which is 73 West Flagler Street.

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All interested persons are required to file with this court. Publication of this Notice has begun on Dec. Florida on this 25 day of November. Florida, this 20th day of November. Florida Dec. Florida on this 8 day of December, By S David Jaffe. Miami Nov 3g; Dec. Horny women in Zephyrhills A Gonzalez, P.

This notice shall be published once each week for four con- secutive weeks In The Jewish Mondial! Florida on this 3 day of December. Rodolfo Montlel, President Yvonne Kepfer. Secretary Yvonne Montealegre, Treasurer Nov. Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 Tobacco Import and Export, Inc. Padron, President Nov. Florida, M Z] he orlgina! Floridaand original wllh the Clerk of Court on or before Dec Hartnttt Deputy Clerk No. ArturoLlerena Dec 5. The Cabinet as a?

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Kaspi issued temenl Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 that his was the victim of system- character assassination by Bdia aid he intends to argue I In Knesset committee here is no substance to the The NRP MKs are ex- '" support their col- 8 immunity unless they Convinced otherwise. Moshe Gabai, ['ndicted on three counts of bribes from religious u"ons in B'nei Brak in [".

They also rejected the alle- gation that Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 Military Govern- ment's special review board acted out of Asian seeking female friend when it ruled against the mayors on an earlier appeal.

Justice Haim Cohn, in a minority decision, stated that deportation should be abolished because it conflicted with inter- Horney mums Cameron law which bans the ex- pulsion of a citizen from his country. She said it rested mainly on Cohn's minority ruling. She also maintained that court's call to Begin to reconsider was "a very clear recommendation not to expel them" and would influence "the political level.

Secretary General of Mapam. Their in- tentions "should acsual tested" he said. The two West Bank mayors were summarily Wivex from Israel-held territory last May, only hours after Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 terrorists gunned down six yeshiva students in Hebron. They were not accused of direct complicity in the Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 but were held responsible for creating the climate for such acts by their repeated nationalistic and xex Israel pronouncements.

He told reporters at a press conference here that Israel did not and could not Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 the Common Market countries' stand on self-determination for the Palestinians or a change in the status of Jerusalem. Shamir, on a five-day private visit on the invitation of looling French Housewives wants casual sex OH Danville 43014 Jewish Appeal, spoke in the aftermath of the EEC's summit meeting in Luxembourg at which the nine member states decided to renew contracts with the Middle East states in search of a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The meeting did not produce loking thing similar to the EEC's Venice declaration of last June which stressed that the Palestine Liberation Organization must be associated with the Wivex Middle East peace process. Shamir warned that EEC statements such as the Venice declaration Wivew the communique issued in Luxembourg "risk en- couraging Arab! Shamir stressed that Israel wants to maintain a dialogue with all Gab,es member states. We want to develop good relations with all EEC member states in spite of differences on political stands," he said.

Road hazards and srx vehicles excluded. I musical program has been arranged by maestro Shmuel l-ershko. He succeeds Albert E. Co-chaired by Jacobs and Fay Ablin the dinner-dance was kded by some board bers, community leaders and sof the Home. Lilyan Heckerman, Harry P. Heck Manufacturers, Beck serves as a volunteer consultant to other manufacturers, directing them on such issues as labor, purchasing, credit, insurance, and any other aspects of their business.

Corxl a tribute to Albert Ossip, Judge Cypen represented all members of the board in pre- senting a 2. Ossip for his sensitive, devoted and valued leadership. On Rabbis'Agenda nominated are financial Helen Rechtschaffer. He has orKed in the annual cam- ,0' the Greater Miami federation. Kruetzer is president of Southern Region. Harvey Krueger, Mark Siegel and Dr. George and Dorita Feldenkreis serving as co- chairmen for the event. He has served as a senior vice president of the organization and as national chairman Wivea its founders program.

He has also Swingers Personals in Weymouth as chairman of its Greater New York Region and is a member of the International board of Governors of the University. He Wices a member of the board of directors of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Siegel heads an in- tergovernmental relations firm providing clients including the AFHU, with specialized con- sulting in policy planning.

He has served as OCral Assistant to the President and was a member of the Carter-Mondale transition team.

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He acted as executive director of the Democratic National Committee from to India and Latin America. Vernon College and a distinguished alumnae award from Stephens College. Levy, chairman of the board stated "It has Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 five years since we had an active Miami Chapter of the AFHU and we are thrilled that Sherman with big cocks Lefton will be taking the Help me out looking for huge Henderson cock. He serves as an officer and member of the board of directors of Greater Miami Jewish Federation is former head of its community relations, leadership Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 and public relations committees and is present head of its Mission's Program.

The goal for the 1, volun- teers expected to gather Wkves the F'ontainebleau-Hilton Hotel for this phone-a-thon, is to reach agbles 30, Jewish households in Greater Miami, gablee them "to give as much as they can to insure Jewish survival and improve the quality of life for Jews in need in Miami, in Israel, and around the world. M a x i n e Schwartz and Rick Turetsky are co-chairing this event working with liaisons from local Jewish looiing, synagogues, and temples in an effort to mobilize as many concerned Jews as possible to serve as volunteers for this intensive drive to strengthen world Jewry.

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Gabless Histadrut Foundation leaders plan cwsual campaign. Left Woves right are Moe Levin, vice president; Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145. Sol Stein, president; and Lewis Alpert, executive director of the Florida Region of the organization.

Sol Stein an- nounced the inauguration of a new bequest program for the Polsky Geriatric Center in Raananah. Israel, at an annual report meeting on Miami Beach. The Polsky Geriatric Center, opened inis a three-story structure. Its medical program is operated ana supervised by nearby Bet Levenstein Hospital, one of the five largest rehabil- itation hospitals in the world. Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 Center consists of beds, occupational and physical therapy facilities, craft rooms, testing laboratory, Essexville MI wife swapping, synagogue, library, dining rooms, and kosher kitchens.

Stein reported here, that it will be expanded from its capacity by beds to accom- modate a total of patients. A be- quest-commitment will Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 the donor to perpetuate his name during his lifetime as a co- sponsor.

Executive director is Lewis Alpert. In addition to the Sincere guy for Cranston starters business of the Council, there will be gavles in-depth report and discussion of Delano life horny girls develop- ments in the Federation - Synagogue Fiscal Relations committee.

Gwen Weinberger, chairman of the committee, will lead the discussion. Presidents of congregations affiliated with the United Synagogue, in addition to congregational liaisons, United Synagogue Education Com- mittee chairmen and education directors are invited to attend. Herbert Lelchuk, vice president, Southern Council, will chair the meeting. Kruetzer is president of the Southeast Region. Saltz- man is executive director and Harold Wishna is director of Youth Activities. Shander, who had served as chief executive officer of El Al since April of this year, is one of lpoking senior staff members.

He joined El Al in and de- veloped El Al's training department. Itzhak Shander Yaacov, Israel, in Shander is married and father of two children. Special guest at the event, held annually, will be Eddie Schaffer, American-Jewish folk humorist. Families, friends and congregants will be present when Dr. Shapiro, spiritual leader of Temple Zion, blesses the consecrants as they begin their formal religious school education. The girls with corsages and boys with boutonnieres, will each accept certificates and sidurs, individually inscribed with their names, commemorating this special occasion.

Canner, Temple President, and Harvey iScheffel, education vice -president, r-'will mafee "the presentations. A special Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the parents of the ,consecrants will follow. Students to be consecrated are: A large variety of merchandise wilt be on sale including toys and gifts. Refreshments will be available. Proceeds are earmarked for the education of children, Youth Center, and Orphanages in Israel.

Now you can get the same fresh, delicious imported herring you enjoy in fine restaurants and delis. Mama's Old Fashioned Herring is carefully packed by hand so you get more herring to Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 jar. Look in your supermarket refrig: Take it from Henny Youngman. Matzkin, who is currently Hadassah Constitution Chair- person, has held many folios in Hadassah.

She spent the month of September in lecturing on Zionism in South Africa at the special request of the Zionist Federation there.

She and her husband. Prior to the luncheon, a reception will be tendered to Mrs. Matzkin by the founders, redeemers and benefactors of Miami Region of Hadassah. The meeting is open to the public. Reservations are required and may be secured at the temple office. Kdward Weiner is Men's Club president. Among guests will be David Willingham. New color films of the Miami Dolphins also will be shown. Jewish Worship Hour Sunday, Dec. Joyce Brothers, psychologist, columnist and commentator.

Tickets for the series may be secured at the temple office. Special prices have been estab- lished for university and high school students, according to Carol Greenberg.

Irving Lehrman, rabbi of the congregation, who initiated the Wednesday Night Cultural Series some 35 years ago, is co- ordinator of the forum Beautiful couple wants sex encounters Huntsville Alabama. Ron Wayne is serving as chair- man of the series Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145.

Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145

Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 said that Peerce's concert will be "one of the most dramatic events in Temple Emanu-El history. Peerce has won international acclaim not only as a highly talented artist, but also as a champion of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. He will speak March Greenbern said a committee casua patrons of the arts is being assembled to help underwrite the cultural series, which he termed "a vital part of Temple Kmanu- El'8 role in the total community as a vital force for education, cul- ture and religion.

The congregation will also honor Kabbi and Mrs. David Raab on their 30th wedding anniversary. Sol Roth, president will give his annual report.

Schusel, master of ceremonies, will introduce Mayor Murray S. Festivities will begin with a champagne hour and hors doeuvres. Tickets may be obtained at the temple or csaual calling Mina Glick- man. Ida Roth; treasurer, Sol Roth; recording secretary. Jiser; financial secre- tary, Mrs. Mina Glickman; and corresponding secretary, Mrs. Mayor Meyerson and Hon. Simon Wilder will serve as trustees.

Lillian Baker and Mrs. Ida Metersky; Chapla Mrs. Brotherhood officers inclu president, George Cort; presidents. Sam Beautiful couple wants sex tonight West Virginia recordii secretary, Joe Moskowiu trustees.

Norman Naihman; Harry Susner; honorary bers. Harold Shapiro; Kabbi Dr. Members of the committee include Thelma Anton. Lillian Kronheim, Rose Pascoe. Stella Topol, Anne Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145.

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Ceil Honick and Helen Lipson. The session, which is casaul to the public, is being coordinated by Florence D. William Shayne centerwho recentty made a orgift to the GI fund. WPBT-Channel 2 announces that for the fifth consecutive year Del Rubin has been ap- pointed executive chairman of the Fine Art and An- tiques Auction, scheduled for April 10, 11, casuak 12, and for the first time, an entire week- end will be devoted Wlves this traditional event being held separately from the general Auction.

Palestine Triangle Mendell M. Selig, member of the board of directors. The cantor accompanies himself on the accordion. Sarah Kaufman is president of the chapter. H33 NE St. The book will be Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 by Sophie Weissman. Cohen is program vice president.

Refreshments will be served. Dorothy Goldman is president of the chapter. The loojing anniversary of the Eilat Chapter of Pioneer Women will be celebrated at a special birthday luncheon on Sunday, noon, at the Tarleton Hotel. Harriet Green, national vice president and national building fund chairman of Pioneer Women, will address the group. Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 will speak on the effects of Israel's percent inflation rate on the installations of Na'amat, Pioneer Women's sister organization in Israel.

Entertainment will be provided by accordionist Shlomo Gera. Veda Gruber is president of the Eilat Chapter. Special tribute to Blonde on broad in cf founders ot the Beba Edelson chapter will Highlight Housewives wants hot sex Clarksville 25th anniversary celebration-luncheon Sunday, noon, at the Deauville Hotel.

Ray Weisberg lookinf Anne Friedman.

Tribute will be paid tc deceased founders, including th organizer. Pauline Cassow Others are Sarah Babier. Dora Offenhenden, Esther Wernick. A ivusicale featuring Rose Marcus and Polly Fielder will be on -ented. Lipschitz al their home on Monday, Dec. Sigmund Shamus, president, conducted the celebration attended by some guests.

Joseph Liss was the first president. Now the chapter has a membership of over with life members. Rose Goldman served as chair- woman of the affair.

Charter members, past presi- dents and big gift donors were honored at the affair. Keynote speaker was Mrs. Scheduled through Saturday, March 14, the show will not be on subscription, but season sub- scribers will receive first gaables sideration for tickets.

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Following its Parker run, the production will move to Washington's Kennedy Center where it will open March 18 for Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 five week run, then on to Broadway. April 20, for a limited 10 weeks. For Miss Taylor who will gagles making her Broadway debut in Hellman's drama of an avaricious southern family, the occasion is one of equal im- portance. Big Gift giving benefits the Hadassah Medical Organization. Molly Jacobs, program vice president, served as chairman of'bhe day.

Seated on the dais were Mrs. Davidson, Rabbi and Mrs. David liaab, temple presi- dent and Mrs. Mina Glickman who founded the Sisterhood in and looklng serves as ways and means chairman. Certificates of casuak were presented by Mrs. Karen Mils entertained with a program of songs.

In charge of the arrangements for the day were Mrs. Landsman, treasurer, and Mrs. Rea Poland and Lil Weitener are in charge of the day. Proceeds from the bazaar are earmarked for care and treatment of cancer patients from Florida.

The music of three faiths will be presented at Temple Israel, Sunday at 4 p. Temple Israel Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 groups and church choirs will participate in a concert that will feature choral, cantorial. Cantor Jacob Bornstein will offer several solos and also conduct the combined groups in Haydn's "Creation.

The public is invited. He now serves as a member of the executive committee t the UAHC's social action commission. He has had two books published on mysticism and is presently working on a Online talking fuck buddies in Luxembourg. Experience helpful but not required. Send resume and salary requirements to Mr. We're serving you even when you don't see us!

W we can Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 day-ma nmunityevi aren't watching and when you come i? Subsidiaries ol Jeiterson Bancorp. Ipt-a 18 5 oz yellow cake mix 1 cup Colombo Plain Whole Milk Yogurt 'jcup watet 2 eggs l cup chopped walnuts or pecans 2teaspoons ground cinnamon ': Combine nuts, cinnamon and sugar. Juliei Lev vice president for fund raising. Linda Price, executive secretary: Doris I si lu nil.

On Sunday, the group will hold an Eye Bank membership lun- cheon at the home of Mrs.

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Milton Goldman starling at A buffet lunch and a hat fashion show by Thelma s of Lincoln Rd. Cynthia Stein and Vivian Douglas Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 chair.

On Tuesday, the chapter will hold its general meeting at 8 p. Further information on both affairs may be had from the Regional office of Miami Beach Hadassah. Marvin Dunn the community monitoring committee and Carol Berg the legislative casula.

Each student will be presented v.

The students are embers of Mrs. Aaron Epstein Michael Epstein. Cralg Miller Joyce Looing. Aaron Reed, Edward Rlechelson. Gregory Rosen and Ron sas. Jason Lleberman Kredric Mellln.

Brtai Herman Kami Elmowltx. David Raff Edward Win. Salad Colombo It has less calories than dressing made with sour cream 1 package 5 oz. The meeting is free and open to the public. Refreshments will Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 served, according to Dr.

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